I'm a Taco Bell connoisseur – my twitter bio used to be my Taco Bell order, I take it very seriously. Some of the best conversations I've had have taken place in the Taco Bell parking lot.  My local Taco Bell used to recognize my car at the drive-through and knew my order, and I'm proud enough to admit that it because I was practically famous.  Your first time at Taco Bell will be a day that lives on in infamy so get ready to mark your calendar and explore the deliciousness of Mexican American fast food. You're welcome in advance.

Here's how to Live Más!

1. Chicken Quesadilla

I've been enjoying these since I was four. My tastes are still very much the same. It is made with melted cheese, chunks of chicken and a cheesy jalapeño sauce that adds the perfect spice and sweetness. I have chosen this quesadilla over other ones served at actual Mexican restaurants because it really just hits the spot every time.  I'd have to say this is perfect for a first time at Taco Bell. 

You can also opt for the Shredded Chicken Mini Quesadilla on the Dollar Cravings menu. Or you can get both. I've done that too. Or you can get the Doubledilla, which is the original chicken quesadilla on steroids, served with chips and salsa because it's classy. 

2. Crunchwrap Supreme

Diana Milton

First thing's first, math – do you see the symmetry? Second, delicious. I get it when I'm feeling a bit fresher (I'm talking about Taco Bell still, yes). The crunch of the crispy tortilla in the middle is complemented by the decadence of the nacho cheese and sour cream as well as the freshness of the tomatoes and the warmth of the meat. It's a flavor explosion, and I live for it.

3. Tacos

After all, it is called Taco Bell. They know how to taco, whether it's hard shell, soft shell, or Dorito shell (my choice).  And you can get it regular or supreme (with sour cream and tomatoes).  You have to have it, I mean, it's Taco Bell. And they come in a Twelve Pack so...

4. Baja Blast Freeze

Heaven. Turns a day around. I've been drinking them since 2013, and obviously, I haven't looked back. It's the perfect slushy and mixes great with tequila. It's sweet but also kind of sour and tangy – definitely my favorite of the Taco Bell freezes.  I've driven through the drive-through just to get a Baja Blast after a rough cross country practice, no shame.

5. Loaded Grillers

These smaller burritos are the perfect side to a Crunchwrap or Quesadilla. My favorite is the Beefy Nacho Loaded Griller – seasoned beef with tortilla chips and nacho cheese wrapped in a tortilla for the best hand held experience. It's an on-the-move type of food. The Chipotle Chicken one is also really great, I highly recommend that to friends because it's cheesy, creamy, and a bit spicier if they're into that. Loaded griller exchanges (like this tweet here makes the perfect foundation for friendship (and for the best first time at Taco Bell experience ever).

6. Quesarito

The geniuses at Taco Bell live by the following rules:

Rule number 1: Burritos are best when they’re also quesadillas. And, rule number 2: There are no rules to burritos. 

It has the cheese and then the nacho cheese, the reduced fat sour cream (because health), the rice, the creamy chipotle sauce, and the beef (or the beans if you're vegetarian/vegan because they give the people what they want). It's a fan favorite, for sure.

7. Cinnabon Delights

What's a meal without some dessert? Cinnamon spheres filled with icing, solely for the purpose of leaving you to wonder if you're having breakfast or dessert. But it's definitely a dessert that can just be had for breakfast, as all dessert should be. Trust me, they will make your heart happy. 

Now, what have we learned today?

Taco Bell isn't just a place to eat. It's a lifestyle, it's a commitment, and it's a fascination. Taco Bell is an aesthetic. If you love Taco Bell, you really love Taco Bell. 

Their social media is gold, and their fans will fight for Taco Bell's heart. I hope you enjoy your first time at Taco Bell and keep coming back for more. Let it help you make some memories.