What's more patriotic than a baseball game in the summer? With the Fourth of July quickly approaching and thoughts of patriotism on our minds, I wanted to focus on one particular location in the heart of America: Fenway Park. Here is a breakdown of the Fenway Park food scene for some must-have treats at your next Boston Red Sox game. 

Fenway Frank

If you’ve ever been to Fenway Park, you know that they are famous for their Fenway Franks. These juicy hot dogs are a staple summer ball park cuisine. Top them off with the condiments of your choice such as relish, ketchup, or mustard, and this dog is most certainly irresistible. 

Soft serve in a helmet

Going to Fenway as a kid, getting soft serve ice cream in the plastic helmet was definitely the highlight of my life. No matter how many of those helmets you take home and collect, they will still be equally coveted at every game.

Italian Sausage

My personal favorite, the italian sausages from Fenway Park’s Yankee Way, are always the first thing I start my night off with. Topped with sautéed onions and peppers served in a thick italian roll, these sausages are unbeatable.

Soft Pretzels

For anyone looking for a seventh inning snack to go along with that seventh inning stretch, soft pretzels, another classic ballpark eat, are the perfect solution. These salty snacks, along with other foods, can be bought right from your seat from one of the mobile vendors. And what's better than food being delivered right to your seat?


If you don’t have a pile of peanut shells by your feet by the end of the ball game, you’re doing Fenway Park, and even baseball for that matter, wrong. You can find "The Peanut Guys” mixed in with the other food dispensers around Fenway in their yellow shirts, and if you see one of them, definitely don’t pass the opportunity up!

Cotton Candy

While the cotton candy, another childhood favorite, may be pricey at Fenway, and while it may not be the best thing for your teeth (or health), nothing is better than the sugary fluff melting in your mouth on a summer night in Boston.

Cold Beer

It's a baseball game, and let's be honest, what's a baseball game with out a cold beer?

Now that you have the breakdown of the Fenway Park food scene and all the go-to eats at Fenway, you're ready to enjoy your classic summer night in Boston, MA