Contemplating what to do this weekend? It may not cross your mind as something to do as a student but the Halifax Seaport Market is a great place to enjoy delicious food, score on cheap groceries and enjoy the city.

1. Delicious Pre-Made Food

The market is a great place to go for a late breakfast or lunch on the weekend. Try the popular Norbert's for a delicious omelette, soup, juice or sandwich any day of the week. On Saturday, other vendors feature crepes, waffles, curries and lobster rolls. 

2. The View

Sneak your way up on to the rooftop for a great view of the harbour. If you want more of a walk, wander towards the boardwalk and walk along the whole waterfront. 

3. Cheap Produce

Especially in the fall, the market is a great place to get deals on in-season produce. The fall features fresh apples, carrots, squash and tons more. You can also pick up fresh baked goods and bread. 

4. Unique Gifts

The market is a great place to get unique Christmas gifts for friends and family, especially if you back home over break. Local artists come to the top floor to sell jewelry, creams, and other handmade items your parents will love. 

5. Best Desserts

Tons of different bakers come to the market. You can pick up fresh bread, waffles, cake, and baklava. Two key stops are the Cake Lady for amazing cookies and cakes, of course, and Schoolhouse for all the gluten free friends.  

6. Food from Around the World

beer, cake
Charlotte Syme

There are handfuls of bakeries and prepared stands that offer traditional dishes from around the world. Try curries, pastries, dumplings, and other staples from Turkey, Asia, Germany, and Africa.

7. A Nice Walk

Jennifer Elder

The Seaport Market is just at the end of the boardwalk and not too far from Point Pleasant. Continue your weekend adventure with a nice walk throughout Hali. 

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