REALITY CHECK: So summer vacay is 6 weeks away and you need to get your sh*t together. Like most busy and stressed university students, your workout regime and healthy eating probably hasn’t been as consistent as you would’ve hoped, and with summer around the corner, it’s time to stop hibernating and start working on those summer bods. We all know how repetitive the treadmill gets, and lying on a gym mat doing crunches gets old real quick, so why not take advantage of the beautiful views Halifax has to offer while also getting in a killer workout?


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1. Citadel Hill


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If you’ve ever walked down to Barrington Street and then found yourself struggling to walk back up towards campus, you know the struggle of the hills in Halifax. So let’s use them to our advantage by running from campus to Citadel Hill and then doing some inclined sprints up the hill. Not only will this be a really tough cardio workout, you will also get the gorgeous view of downtown and the water.

2. Point Pleasant/Boardwalk


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If you’re more interested in doing a long run, here is a 10 km route that takes you to the boardwalk and also to Point Pleasant Park – 2 nice views in 1! Starting on Coburg Road (in front of Howe Hall) take Spring Garden all the way down to Lower Water Street; here, you will get to run along the boardwalk until you get back onto Barrington Street. From here, go down Inglis Street and then straight down Young Street to get to Point Pleasant. After a nice run around the park, you can take Young Street and then South Street back to Coburg Road. You can change the length of your run depending on where you go in the park and if you want to skip the boardwalk.

3. The Oval


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In the winter, you better take advantage of Halifax’s amazing outdoor skating rink that is the size of 3 NHL rinks, located in the Halifax North Commons at the corner of North Park Street and Cogswell Street. Skating can be a great cardio and leg workout if you push yourself, and you also get to enjoy the fresh air and festive spirit!

4. Musquodoboit Trailway


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Not technically in Halifax, but an hour drive out of the city makes for a beautiful 15 km hike that can be a different way to get in some exercise while also getting a nice Insta; best of both worlds! If you’re a student on a budget, check out the Car Share for a way to cut costs.

5. Lawrencetown Beach


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If you’re looking to take up a new skill and also have fun in the sun while being active, taking a surfing lesson at Lawrencetown might be for you. Only a short 30 minute drive away and there are always lesson packages that can make the trip more affordable.