Plum Market, a healthy food hub with two Ann Arbor locations, has not received nearly enough deserved attention from the University of Michigan community. A short five-minute drive off campus or a ten-minute bus ride to North Campus will land you in a delicious world of fine wines, fresh sushi, artisanal cheeses, all-natural meats and seafood, and hot prepared foods that will make you drool.

The best part? Plum aims to stock its aisles with healthier alternatives to your typical grocery purchases, so you don’t have to feel bad about the ridiculous amount of food in your cart when you leave (with a few guilty exceptions, of course). Here are the top 9 things you must try when you visit Plum Market:

1. Mac and Cheese

This is what I mean by a guilty exception. Whether you consider yourself a mac fanatic or not, this dish is worth trying. You can find the heaping tray of mac and cheese in the hot prepared foods section, typically next to the fries (which are also delicious). So, what makes this mac so freaking good? The secret ingredients: nutmeg and cayenne. I’m not sure who came up with this recipe, but whoever did is a culinary genius in my book.

2. Stacked Salads

Annie Slabotsky

Among a variety of pre-made salads and sandwiches are the stacked salads, bounding with flavor and health benefits. These salads are served in tall quart size containers and layered with fresh ingredients. My favorite is the Euro salad, with arugula, cherry tomatoes, quinoa, corn, and a zesty herb vinaigrette. They’re super easy for an on-the-go college meal, and super filling for a hungry Wolverine!

3. Kale and Brussels Sprout Salad

Annie Slabotsky

Behind the counter of the Plum Market Kitchen, your eyes will draw you to several large bowls filled with prepared salads. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the options, just trust me and get a container of the Kale and Brussels Sprout salad. You’ll be glad you did. The kale and Brussels Sprouts are chopped well with sliced almonds, cranberries, and a lemon vinaigrette. This Plum classic will never get old.

4. Grab-n-Go Wraps

Next to the stacked salads, you will find several different wraps. Now, these are not your typical saran-wrapped turkey sandwiches; these wraps are next level. The Turkey, Kale, and Brussels Sprout wrap is a crowd pleaser, made with Boar’s Head low sodium sliced turkey, Swiss cheese, the mouth-watering kale salad I very much am addicted to, cucumber, lots of love, and a fresh spinach tortilla. The Mediterranean wrap is also a hit; it’s made simply with tabbouleh and hummus, but should not be overlooked. As long as you’re there, grab an Albacore Tuna and a Santa Fe wrap too.

5. Cedar Board Salmon

This Bay of Fundy Salmon is fire roasted on cedar planks and cooked to perfection. There are four different delicious glaze options: Maple Mustard, Honey Lime, Apple Cider Glaze, and Teriyaki, all crafted by the miracle workers of Plum Market. The Honey Lime and Teriyaki are personal favorites, but you really cannot go wrong with any of them. Pick up a piece whenever you’re in the mood for an easy, nutritious meal.

6. Chicken Tenders

Annie Slabotsky

Another guilty pleasure… these tenders are out of this WORLD. The breaded All Natural Bell & Evans chicken with a side of BBQ sauce, Plum’s organic ketchup, or Mediterranean Ranch are proven to make anyone’s day better. A chicken tender a day keeps the doctor away, right?

7. Cinnamon Chip Scones

Annie Slabotsky

I typically recommend Plum for lunch or dinner, but this article would truly be incomplete without paying some respect to the Plum Market Bakehouse. If you’re nearby a Plum location and in the mood for a quick coffee and baked good, pick the cinnamon chip scone every time. They’re baked locally and typically sold out by 11:00 AM every day (for good reason).

8. Grain Cakes

Annie Slabotsky

These are just as nutritious as they are delicious!! Whether Plum is serving their famous quinoa cakes or Mediterranean grain cakes (they usually rotate between the two every few days), get a couple to keep at home for an easy snack or meal.

Pro Tip: ask what sauce they’re serving with them and get at least two sides of it. They do not typically put the sauces on display, but always have a variety of magical options stored in their fridge.

9. Curry

Annie Slabotsky

While I’m not a curry person myself, this hot prepared dish is a favorite among Plum Market-goers. The sauce is always the same, but the type of rice, veggies, and protein changes. For all you vegetarians out there, they serve a tofu curry (pictured above) which, I have heard, is pretty unbelievable.

P.S. Plum delivers a variety of lunch and dinner options on GrubHub, and partners with Instacart to bring their groceries to your door within 2 hours of ordering!! If you live in the greater Detroit area, definitely make a stop here the next time you realize your fridge is a little too empty for your liking. I promise your taste buds will thank you.