People always tell me "put down the red sauce." Nope, they're not talking about my mother's homemade Italian sauce she's been cooking all day; they're talking about my freaky obsession with ketchup, but more specifically, Heinz 57. If you have a strong love for ketchup and find yourself putting it on almost everything, you will easily be able to relate to these 15 things. 

1. Asking for extra ketchup through the drive-thru

Because you know those tiny packet barely do the job.

2. People giving you "the eye" when you put ketchup on literally everything

Sorry I like ketchup with my eggs, macaroni, and grilled cheese?

3. Getting mad when people say mustard is the only thing that should be on hot dogs

Do you even know what a good hot dog should taste like?

4. Ketchup has ruined many articles of my clothing

But this doesn't ruin my love for ketchup.

5. Glass bottles of ketchup are the devil

The squeezable bottles are definitely the move.

6. Having a moment of extreme dissatisfaction and disgust when it comes out "watery"

Gotta shake it up better next time.  

7. The fart noise it makes when there's hardly any left in the bottle

I still laugh every time. Am I 5 years old?

8. The ULTIMATE ketchup hack of all time

You can thank me later.

9. You can never get enough

I want a ketchup fountain at my wedding.

10. Why use a pen, when you can write with ketchup?

Write a note on your tray, instead of a card.

11. When your best friend says you need to plan a Halloween costume

Obviously I'm going as ketchup, duh.

12. It isn't a real breakfast without ketchup

If you aren't loading it on your eggs, are you even living?

13. Lay's chips speaks to my heart

It was a GOOD day when I saw the commercial for these babies.

14. You must understand the difference between ketchup and catsup

Ya better know the difference. Yes, they're both condiments usually made of ripened tomato, but if you say "catsup" in America, you'll get a weird look.

15. The number one rule for ketchup lovers: Do NOT eat fries without ketchup

Don't you dare do it.

I honestly question if ketchup is addictive, but have not dug deep enough in the research yet. All I know is, if you love for ketchup as much as I do, you'll find these 15 things TOO relatable. So the next time someone gives you a weird look when you're smothering your food in ketchup, who cares... we are just ketch-obsessed!