When people think of Madison, WI the things that pop into their minds are basically anything fried, any dairy products, or beer. Yes, we do love our casual fare, but we also have a good amount of fine dining. Who says as a student you can't have your cake and eat it too? Here is our list of the most popular places to chow down in Madison when you're feeling boujee af:

1. Eno Vino Downtown

Lauren Lamothe

First off, Eno Vino has the view is the best view in Madtown. It overlooks the gorgeous Capital building, plus Lake Monona which distracts you from how much food (and drinks) you end up consuming. The drink menu is unique with their own flare on the classics.

Their menu is formatted for sharing; I would highly suggest the Truffle Fries, the Sea Bass and Scallops and the Pork Tacos...but then again, I haven't had a bad thing on the menu and I've been 3 times now. Make sure to ball out at dessert too because that chocolate fondue is no joke. 

2. Graft 

Lauren Lamothe

So basically everyone knows that Mac n' Cheese is the definition of a casual/comfort food. But, let me tell you, this Mac n' Cheese at Graft brings it from comfort food to boujee real quick. This along with the fried chevre is what you dream of perfect cheese to taste like. Not to mention the ambiance of this restaurant makes you feel classy as hell. 

3. Red Sushi

When you're not feeling your usual (probably almost daily) Sushi Express trip and want to feel a bit more sophisticated, now is your time to make the trek up to the Capital to stuff your face with gorgeous rolls of sushi (seriously they are prettier than half of us on campus).

Some favorites are the Firecracker Roll, the Rainbow Roll, the Purple Rain, and the obvious, Crunchy Tuna Roll. 

4. Fresco

Lauren Lamothe

Another Madison rooftop favorite. Located on the top floor right inside of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, whether you get to sit outside or inside, you overlook downtown. Their elegant menu with a great variety is perfect for any of your cravings. In addition, their beignets are to die for.  

5. L'Etoile 

This is the graduation dinner spot. Seniors wait their whole college experience for this one moment. With a pre-fix menu, this is the place to really go hard before you leave behind your college years.

The dishes are seriously works of art; they are so elegantly prepared, the color combinations pop off the plate, and you can really tell that the boujee level is high. 

6. Cento 

Cento is about 2,000 steps up from Tutto Pasta (Tutto we love you but the boujee level is low). The interior has a fabulous layout with chic gray walls and booths. Whether you go for the classic Boozy Brunch or for the perfect Italian cuisine dinner, you will be full with happy carbs and smiling from the lively atmosphere. 

7. Harvest

Although it is tucked away next to Old Fashioned, this quaint and cozy restaurant does not go unnoticed. This is the perfect setting for a romantic date or to go with your parents when they are in town.

Kid you not, I have had the steak twice because it is just THAT good (it is bursting with flavor, ugh). Harvest does a great job of changing up their menu as well so you have the ability to try a bunch of different options. There is nothing classier than this little hidden gem.

8. Merchant

The drink menu here is no joke. Separated by each kind of alcohol, this menu offers a unique variety of cocktails - from sweet, to spicy, to earthy.

Pretty soon you'll be ordering more than you intended for the night. This chic gastropub serves all its dishes from farm-to-table, so you know that you are getting the freshest of ingredients. 

If you're not convinced by the end of this article that Madison has more to it than it's cheese curds and beer, you're misinformed.

Madison is a foodie town bursting with options and offering an array of restaurants that will help you to treat yourself when you get your next paycheck. Whether you're doing it for the trendy Instagram, a hot date, or just a GNO, Madison has the best choices for a boujee night out.