My love for sushi is incomparable. If you haven't seen, I wrote an article about the reasons why I love sushi. And I don't use the word "love" lightly. So, I've spent time that I should have been doing homework to make this compilation of the most epic sushi transformations. Here are all the most epic ways sushi has been served up. 

1. Sushi Hamburger 

America's all-time favorite food: the hamburger. It's a classic we all know and love, that (supposedly) fits every occasion from tailgates to date nights. It has newly been transformed into a burger-sushi hybrid. If you're willing to try the Impossible Burger, I think you'll enjoy a sushger... hamshi... what do we call this sushi hamburger?

2. Sushi Doughnut 

Dinner is followed by dessert. The sushi doughnut is a beautiful creature. Just like a regular doughnut that can be paired with strawberry or chocolate icing and rainbow or chocolate sprinkles, the toppings on this "doughnut" are endless. And the "dough" part is a heavenly heap of sticky rice.

3. Sushi Burrito   

tuna, salmon, seafood, fish, rice, sushi
Spoon University

The "sushirrito" has become a fan favorite. It's photogenic af. Basically, if you haven't caught on, some smarty pants is turning sushi, a commonly healthy, light meal, into one of our favorite comfort foods. It may looks like a burrito, but it generally doesn't have half as many calories (woohoo!). 

4. Sushi Volcano 

tempura, sauce, rice, sushi
Lucy Carlisle

A sushi roll piled up and drenched in spicy mayo sauce... don't mind if I do! It's messy looking, but that's what happens when a volcano erupts. 

5. Sushi Pizza 

'Za has taken a new form: sushi-za! This kind of "pizza" is less caloric, but just like real pizza, you can top this baby with whatever your heart desires. 

6. Rainbow Sushi 

During the big rainbow-food trend, someone needed to, of course, turn sushi into a rainbow. If people are turning grilled cheese, coffee, and bagels into rainbows, then sushi deserves the same spotlight. Sadly, all it is, is food coloring. 

7. Sushi Taco 

If sushi can be turned into a burrito, then it has to be turned into a taco. They keep the integrity of the sushi taste, but include the fun of eating a taco. 

The classic sushi roll does not need to be messed with—I'll be the first to admit that. But, these sushi transformations are beautiful, inspiring, and motivating. Yeah, I know I sound crazy, but I can't help who (or what?) I love and what motivates me. I mean sushi is more reliable than a man.