With all of the opportunities to be active in Phoenix, us Arizonans feel we deserve to eat a lot of desserts. Carefully crafted treats are a point of pride in our city, from intricate pastries to unique ice cream presentations. These eight amazing desserts in the Phoenix desert will get you started on an exploration of the sweetness that Arizona has to offer.

1. Peanut Butter Ice Cream at Churn

Churn is the classic ice cream shop of your dreams, with bright colors and throwback candies. Rotating flavors ensure that you're always in for a surprise, but some classics like the peanut butter ice cream are regulars. If you're in Midtown after grabbing a bite at Windsor, Joyride Taco House, or Federal Pizza, stop on by to Churn for the perfect ending to your outing.

2. Pastries at Lux Central

I can't get enough of Lux. From their tasty coffee to their tempting pastries, this bakery and café is impossible to pass up. Their bustling yet focused atmosphere is the perfect place to study and snack. With new treats each day that you can sneak a peek at on their Instagram account, Lux is always an exciting place to eat and hang out at.

3. Tsoynamis at Nami

These sugary concoctions filled with everything from chocolate cake to ginger cookies, Tsoynamis are a must-try in Phoenix. Nami and its sister restaurant, Green, are both completely vegan, but I can assure you each dish feels indulgent. Nami never ceases to amaze its customers with surprising flavors and ingredients.

4. Pop-tarts at Angel's Trumpet

Not only is Angel's Trumpet a great restaurant with a friendly atmosphere, but its rotating flavors of homemade pop-tarts delight every time. Though the flavor is a surprise until you arrive, I have never been disappointed by the deliciousness of these treats. Stop by Angel's Trumpet for a treat that will bring you back to your childhood. 

5. Vanilla Bean Sorbetto at Lulu's Sorbetto

The incredible ice cream at Lulu's Sorbetto is sure to cool you off, whether you stop in their store or see them at First Fridays. Their vanilla bean sorbetto is my personal favorite, with a creamy and rich taste that makes vanilla anything but boring. Don't worry, though; Lulu's has a wide array of flavors that can please nearly anyone's palate.

6. Banana Cupcake at Urban Cookies

With unique and delectable cookies and cupcakes, Urban Cookies is a cute and bright shop to stop in and get some sweet treats. This cupcake melts in your mouth; the frosting is perfectly creamy and the cake itself is moist and flavorful. Don't let the fact that it's banana flavored fool you, though. It may have a fruit in its name but it's certainly first and foremost a dessert.

7. Ice Cream at Melt

Melt's iconic ice cream presentation complements their special ice cream flavors, which are always different and delicious. Their horchata ice cream in particular stands out from all the others. Melt is open until midnight which makes it the place to be for a late-night ice cream fix. 

8. Café de Frida at Tres Leches Café

Tres Leches is another spectacular coffee shop, with options so sweet they're practically dessert. They offer up creative concoctions for every season and celebration you can imagine. Tres Leches is perfect for anyone looking to get caffeine and sugar all in one.

Whether you're looking for ice cream, coffee, or pastries, central Phoenix has it all. While we keep growing and expanding, these desserts in the Phoenix desert will continue to fuel Phoenicians. So while you're in the area, check out these treats to taste the sweetness that is Phoenix.