Newark, Delaware is home to The University of Delaware, where 18,946 undergraduate students appear and move in every August. However when June rolls around, most students travel home and spend the summer in their hometowns. That leaves Newark with a small number of students working and/or interning over the summer—and the locals. Newark, Delaware, while it's not a major city or tourist attraction, has its perks too. Check out some things that Newark, Delaware has to offer over the summer. 

1. The Short Drive to the Beach

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is less than a two hour drive from Delaware's campus. This means that Ocean City is only a three hour drive from Newark. Meaning any day, any time of the summer, can turn into a beach day. Whether you are craving a crab cake, fish tacos, or the famous Kohr Bros, Rehoboth has food for everyone. 

2. The Food Festivals

Newarks Food and Brew Festival is scheduled for July 20th from 12 pm - 7 pm. This specific festival celebrates the love and unique taste of Newark's food and beverages. They also pride themselves on carrying more than 40 crafted and imported beers. Along with this celebration, Newark has a number of unique festivals on summer nights throughout the months of July and August. Many local families come to socialize and bond over their love of food.  

3. The Happy Hour Deals

Who likes going to happy hour in the cold? Newark is known for having amazing happy hour deals, as well as a great selection of outside restaurants and bars. Students and locals love to grab a drink with their colleagues or friends after a long day of work. Most of the restaurants have deals that are hard to beat— HomeGrown has $2 margaritas on Thursdays! 

4. UDairy

UDairy is one of the most popular spots on University of Delawares campus. Students love to grab a homemade scoop after a hard exam or to celebrate a good grade. Locals also love to go to the ice cream shop with their families on a typical Saturday night. However when summer hits, the shop is way more crowded. Who doesn't love sitting outside and eating ice cream on a summer night?

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Hannah Linn

5. Rita's

The runner up for best ice cream shop in Newark has to go to Ritas; it never disappoints. This italian ice and ice cream shop is always a hit on a summer night or afternoon. The hundreds of ice flavors and the optional ice cream custard creates a dessert that the entire family will enjoy! The popular location on Main Street also can create a short summer walk. 

Casey Irwin

6. The Close Commute to Philly

Many Delaware students take the option of living in Newark and get a full-time internship in Philadelphia for the summer. Best part about that is that the city is also an amazing center for all things food. The hundreds of restaurants and roof top bars create an awesome environment for college students who want to take a day trip one weekend. Maybe you can even try that philly cheesesteak you've been dying to try!

7. Nutters

Nutters Sandwich Shop is considered to be a hidden gem of Newark. Hidden about a mile up West Main Street, this unique and old fashioned sandwich shop is perfect for the summer. With a ginormous seafood selection, Nutters crab cake sandwich is hard to miss. Seafood is always a reminder of summer for many, so this hot spot needs to be checked off the bucket list!

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Jenny Slamm

Spending the summer in Newark, Delaware doesn't seem half bad when you discover all the food related secrets and hot spots!