There's a place few University of Delaware students know about that serves great sandwiches and crab bisque. This wonderful, Narnia-like place is Nutter's Sandwich Shoppe. Nutter's prides themselves on their fresh sandwiches and homemade crab bisque, which is famously known to sell out during the day if you don't get there early enough.

Nutter's is definitely one of those blink and you miss it types of place. Nutter's is a quick car ride up West Main Street, all you need to do is pay attention to the left side of the road and you'll see it.  It looks like one of the classic sandwich shops you would see in a movie, or even in your hometown. While Nutter's remains a hidden gem, the atmosphere and obviously the food make this place all you ever wanted. 

The Atmosphere

When I walked into Nutter's, I immediately felt like I was transported to my hometown sandwich shop. It really feels like one of those classic sandwich shops that you would see in a movie and instantly wish you were there sitting along side the characters eating your favorite menu item. You are able to see the employees create your masterpiece of a sandwich before your eyes and then anxiously wait until your order is called.

The Food 

Nutter's menu is fairly simple, but they are most known for their chicken salad  sandwich, Avocado Power House sandwich and crab bisque. I can safely say that these three staples truly live up to the hype.

Nutter's chicken salad sandwich can do no harm and it's hands down my favorite. The chicken salad is homemade daily and the freshness is incomparable. I enjoy the addition of tomato and lettuce, then have the choice for it to be served on either a roll or bread.

The Avocado Power House, prides itself on having a whole avocado in it, is an essential for the health nuts out there. It's one of the many vegetarian options at Nutter's, though you can also include meat if your stomach desires. While this sandwich typically rings up at $7.95, if you order it on Meatless Mondays, it's a cool $6.50.

Nutter's crab bisque is on another level. The bisque itself is rich and creamy and even a little spicy - but that is always good in my book. Nutter's compares their crab bisque and the establishment like Batman and Robin, and peanut butter and jelly. You can't have one without the other. With that being said, for the people who rave about this crab bisque as much as I do, you're in luck because Nutter's sells it by the once, pint, quart and even gallon. 

If these three staples don't tickle your fancy, then Nutter's has got you covered with grilled sandwiches, salads, club sandwiches, wraps, subs and even crab cakes (on Thursdays and Fridays). There's something for everyone at Nutter's. 

The Bottom Line

Nutter's is a true hidden gem in the sense that since it's not on Main Street, most UD students aren't aware that it exists. You need a car to get to it, or an Uber at least, but I'm sure Uber Leroy would be happy to go with you.  I want my fellow foodies to be aware of this sandwich shop, yet part of me wants it to stay underground so the line won't be as long as Snap Custom Pizza's gets. I promise, if you get the chance to go to Nutter's, you won't be disappointed.