Sometimes Valentine's Day, aka, Singles Awareness Day, can feel like a bummer for those of us who aren't in relationships. Scrolling through everyone's Instagram photos with their significant others can make you want to gag, either because it's super cheesy or maybe you're just slightly salty. This doesn't have to be the case.

The holiday is not reserved for people who are coupled up. Whether you plan to celebrate by going out, hanging out with your friends, or having a movie night to yourself, here is a list of some of the best places to get takeout in Tallahassee on Valentine's Day to give yo'self all the love you deserve.

Restaurants are listed in no particular order and do not reflect the opinion of the Spoon University at Florida State Staff in its entirety.

1. Grub Burger Bar

Grub offers a selection of fun and delicious burgers, among other foods. While I'm not a vegetarian, I am in love with their meatless Hippie Chickpea burger. They also have milkshake options, as every burger place should, and I'm pretty sure Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse for dessert. The Kitchen Sink milkshake is my go-to, which has a load of good stuff, including potato chips and coffee grounds.

2. Roboto Tokyo Grill

Yum yum sauce makes everything better. At Roboto Toyko Grill, you have the liberty to take as much of this heavenly substance as you want because they have pumps of it for customers to use. Roboto's offers different kinds of hibachi, and you know I'll be getting a double order of that fried rice with mine. They also have other pan-Asian and Thai foods such as sushi. There's even a frozen yogurt place next door.

3. Tacospeak

The tacos always come out warm and the shells are perfectly soft. I love the grilled queso fresco on the Hipster taco, because cheese. They also have chips and dips, such as Texas Queso, which is great, because cheese. Cheese is probably true love, and everyone knows it.

4. Kübano!

This is necessary to include because food trucks are the coolest. Kübano!, which sells Cuban-style food, is located on the corner of W Gaines St and Railroad Ave, which is also considered by many to be the "hipster" part of town. While you're waiting for your food to be made you can sit outside and people watch.

5. Royal Thai & Sushi

Royal Thai & Sushi is great for picking up food in between classes. They offer two simple rolls with miso soup or salad for just $10.

6. Chili's Grill & Bar

Chili's is the perfect place for those who live on campus. I ordered online from Chili's many times freshman year and easily walked to pick it up from the union and ate it in the comfort of my dorm. Their selection of choices on the menu is always nice. Because it's Valentine's Day, you can ball out and get an appetizer, dinner, and nice warm dessert. Don't forget the ranch.

7. 4 Rivers Smokehouse

This is another great option for people who feel confined to campus, but want to spend some extra money on themselves. New to FSU's campus, 4 Rivers has a yummy BBQ menu, and who doesn't like barbecue?