It’s the rumor heard round the world. I’ll be honest I seriously doubted this one but we’re here to tell you that it’s true. Tallahassee’s favorite BBQ place is coming to FSU.

4 Rivers Smokehouse was started by an FSU alum who left his fancy job in healthcare to get down in dirty in the que. With 11 locations in Florida and an Atlanta location on the way, 4 Rivers is on the rise and fast.

It has quickly grown to be one of the biggest BBQ chains in Florida and has a cult following in Tallahassee. Maybe it’s that the owner is an FSU alum or maybe it’s just damn good BBQ but since it’s opening in Miracle Plaza only a year ago it never fails to have a full house.


Photo by Janecia Britt

As the news makes its way around campus, everyone (myself included) is more than stoked, with recent graduates jealous of the new additions and freshmen unappreciative of such a glorious addition.

However, some students aren’t too happy with the new addition highlighting that it takes away one of the few vegetarian options on campus. You see, the 4Rivers replaces the beloved Salad Creations and it’s ruffling some feathers. I spoke with Rachel* who is frustrated with the lack of healthy dining options on campus.


Photo courtesy of @4riverssmokehouse on Instagram

“My biggest frustration is that there are already very few options for vegetarians/vegans/gluten free people. Places like Freshens and Pollo Tropical aren’t necessarily healthy in the same way that Salad Creations [was], and replacing this option with essentially the opposite type of food ignores the diversity and health needs of students. A new food court with options is great but it could be more than a year between when 4 Rivers opens and this new food court opening.” She’s referring to the 1851 project currently going up on Jefferson Street.

The project which replaces the old Dorman and Deviney dormitories isn’t set to be complete until summer 2017 and while the dining options on the main floor of the project are set to be healthier options, Rachel is right in being concerned with the gap in time. She also brings up the point of affordability. 4Rivers is pricey for the average college student and while we don’t know what the prices of this new venture on campus will be they can’t be too far from what’s already in place at the location in Miracle Plaza.


Photo Courtesy of The Florida State University Office of Business Services

“I think affordable dining for students with health restrictions is important. There’s a balance between healthy and affordable, and a lot of times you have to choose. What are great are options like Krishna on campus (in the Globe), which is affordable, healthy, and diverse. A place like Tropical Smoothie Cafe, which has salads and wraps and soy alternatives to meat and smoothies that can be made sugar free are really great.” says Rachel.

We can’t deny that she has a point; the addition will cause a huge hole in healthy food options for students. With nothing to supplement this change in dining it is to be expected that this new venture will cause quite the stir.

Only time will reveal the rest of the details regarding this exciting development on campus. It’s currently unclear when exactly the restaurant will be open to students as there seems to be no construction started. We will update as we gain more information. But in the meantime, you might want to stock up on napkins because it’s about to get saucy.

*Name has been changed