I love cheese, all kinds of cheese. I would say I am slightly obsessed with cheese. Who can blame me though? Cheese is life (sorry vegans). Portable cheese snacks are society's way of telling us it's acceptable to eat cheese on the go and by itself. There are quite a few options when it comes to choosing which cheese snack will keep your hungry stomach at bay before your next meal. I'm here to be your portable cheese spirit guide. 

1. Babybel

This may be the most popular on-the-go cheese brand because of the fun packaging. Each mini cheese snack is wrapped in red wax that you can mold into whatever your heart desires. Apart from the entertaining packaging the brand offers, they have seven different flavors. Semi-soft, milky, low-calorie and as smooth as silk, they're easily the best portable cheese snack in the game. 

2. The Laughing Cow

Spreadable cheese is my favorite, there are so many possibilities for unique snack creations. Laughing Cow's packaging is brilliant; its spreadable cheese comes in a wheel and is perfectly separated into eight wedges. Not only is the packaging cool, they offer nine different flavors to satisfy everyone's different taste buds.

3. BelGioioso Snacking Cheese

This is the best portable cheese snack if you're into mozzarella. These heavenly little cheese packs contain three little mozzarella balls. They're soft, perfect for on the go, and you can spice up a boring salad with them. They also have fontina cheese packs if you're not a fan of mozzarella.

4. Vermont Creamery Bijou

I am obsessed with artisan cheese. I live for cheese boards with a variety of fancy schmancy cheese. Vermont Creamery makes extremely high-quality cheese that's enjoyed by broke college students, such as myself, and real adults alike. This brand isn't marketed as a portable cheese brand. However, the Bijou makes for a great addition to your lunch or just to snack on if you're feeling classy. The package contains two, two-ounce little nuggets of savory goat cheese.

5. Kraft Polly-O 

This takes me back to my younger days. I used to always snack on this string cheese when I was in elementary and middle school (I still do). I specifically like the Twists because they have the best of both worlds, mozzarella and cheddar cheese twisted together. If you bite into string cheese instead of breaking it apart, you're literally what's wrong with the world. These fun and low-calorie snacks are perfect to eat when you're rushing from one class to the next or to just hold you over until your next meal.