While cheese is the notorious perfect pairing for a great bottle of wine, the uses for cheese are endless. Cheese can easily transform ordinary food into something crave-worthy. Here are some ideas to prove my case–or just to make you hungry.

Crackers and Chips

Crackers and cheese are an hors d’oeuvres classic. Smack any slice of cheese onto your favorite cracker, like cheddar onto a wheat thin–yum! Or switch it up a bit by popping some cheese into the microwave. I mean, who doesn’t love a melted cheese dip to snack on?

Salt & Pepper Crackers and Blue Cheese

Courtesy of Niina C


Heard of a grilled brie and apple sandwich? How about a slice of cheddar on your apple pie? Apple and goat cheese salad? Well if you haven’t, let me clue you in–all are genius!  Potatoes

Cheese makes the ideal topping when baked on a potato, cooked au-gratin, melted on potato skins or mixed with fries. The list can go on and on.

Twice Baked Potatoes

Courtesy of Food Baker

Broccoli, spinach, zucchini, etc.

Cheese is a great way to top off your next vegetable dish, or for some of you, make it bearable.


Experiment with all kinds of cheese on your next chicken quesadilla, BBQ chicken or simple grilled chicken breast.


Courtesy of Spoon University – Michigan


Adding some grated cheddar on scrambled eggs makes them 10 times better, I promise. Bonus points for getting fancy and creating your very own veggie and feta omelet, some huevos rancheros or a goat cheese fritatta.

Cheesy Scrambled Egg Omelette

Courtesy of Mr. Lemon Film


Cheese and tomatoes go hand in hand so often, and compose the core ingredients in many of my favorite dishes: grilled cheese with tomato, pizza or lasagna. Try Parmesan cheese on pasta sauce or put together some mozzarella and sliced tomatoes with basil and a drizzle of Balsamic for a caprese salad. Yum.