Living in Europe is very stimulating, you can breathe history and culture almost everywhere you go. Old buildings, ancient traditions, diverse faces, multilingualism and closeness to many countries in a continent that is a little larger than the size of the US.

But the most important part of living in Europe is the FOOD. The food is awesome. Food is everywhere, in different colors, scents, and flavors. I'm saying goodbye to Barcelona after two years, and let me tell you it is a very food-friendly city. My mission is to share the best local advice for you travelers out there, because if you are heading to the Old Continent, you can't miss sunny Barcelona.

There is no particular order here, you will have to check it all out to discover every drink, dessert and food you need to try.

1. Crema Catalana from Escriba

cinnamon, cinnamon roll
Marina Wollmann

Crema Catalana is the one and only Catalonia's favorite dessert. It is kind of a creme brulée with burnt caramel on top. Sounds good, huh? You can find it basically everywhere, but this one is located in the middle of Ramblas (a must-go touristic area where you will definitely step foot) and the price is average. You can also try their waffle version.

2. Kronuts from Chök 

chocolate, cream, cake, pastry, sweet
Marina Wollmann

This is a gourmet patisserie that makes people happy all year round. For just 3,95 euros you can taste their famous Kronuts and after appreciating the beautiful presentation, enjoy this explosion of sweetness in your mouth.  

3. Veggie Burger with Extra Guacamole from BRO

avocado, cheese, sandwich
Marina Wollmann

You can also eat massive meat burgers at BRO, but the veggie burger (more like a sandwich) is very special here and the taste is sublime. Run by its Argentinian owners, the one in Barceloneta satisfies the after-beach cravings. Don't forget to order it with extra guac!

4. Special Shrimp from Can Codina 

Marina Wollmann

This is a classic spot in one of the most emblematic neighborhoods of Barcelona (Gràcia), it opened it's doors in 1931 and has been serving delicious dishes and good drinks since then.

Visit it if you are around the area or in a vintage Barcelona gourmet tour. I hope you can get a table, don't expect a great service but do expect a tasteful evening.

5. Any Burger from Maka Maka

Marina Wollmann

Same as number four, Maka Maka is one of the hottest spots for burgers in town. Located at the beginning of Barceloneta area, right next to the beach, you can enjoy delicious meat and veggie burgers, full of flavor accompanied by finger lickin' good french fries. 

6. Mixed Ceviche from Lascar74

shrimp, lobster
Marina Wollmann

If you like Peruvian food this is simply a must. You can't go to Barcelona and not try out this delicatessen, fairly low priced ceviche spot. It is truly exquisite, and so well hidden! I've been there a couple of times, but my favorite one was with a friend who doesn't eat that much, so I got mine and half of hers... Make sure that happens to you too!

7. ¨Montaditos¨ from 100 Montaditos

It was very hard to pick the right picture for 100 montaditos, you would usually go for the savory ones and the drinks, but how could I lose the chance to show you their Oreo special? 100 montaditos is all over Spain and everyone must try it at least once. It is amazingly cheap, they have countless options (chicken, different cheeses, honey mustard, jam, even fish...) and beer is just 1.5 €.

#SpoonTip: On Wednesdays and Sundays the whole menu is 1 € (yes, it's true).

8. Pinchos from Blai 9

sushi, tuna
Marina Wollmann

There is a very special street in Bcn called ¨Carrer de Blai¨ that has around 20 tapas restaurants. Tapas and pinchos (bread with toppings) are all over the place, but my all time favorite is Blai 9.

They are different because they rarely use bread, so you are eating original, unique and truly delicious pinchos that you can't find anywhere else. My top picks are salmon on top of pancake and the calamari, shrimp and black rice one. 

9. ¨Rollitos Vietnam¨ from Red Ant

spring rolls, fish
Marina Wollmann

Red Ant is a very small restaurant in Born. You will want to go early (lucky you, catalans eat around 9.30/10 pm) to have a cool spot, avoid the noise and try their tasty asian creations. Check out their website for more info, they also have noodles and all the classics. 

10. ¨Death by Chocolate¨ from La Tarántula 

chocolate, cake, sweet, cream, chocolate cake, brownie, candy, coffee, mousse, fudge
Marina Wollmann

This is literally one of the most delicious chocolate cakes I've ever tried. The only problem is that you will be so full from the Mexican food you will have eaten before that this cake won't even fit in your stomach. Hey, just take it to the hotel for later. 

11. Olives, Beer & Wine from La Rovira

This is a hot spot for beer lovers, but you can also have a rich glass of oaky spanish wine. Don't forget your olives, they are a must snack to combine with drinks. 

12. DIY bowl from Poké Maoli

Barcelona's first poké restaurant is here to stay! Right in front of Barceloneta cubes (you will be familiarized with this, once you get to the city and visit the main beach), this fun concept is popular all around the world. Grab your ¨Fast Fresh Fish Bowl¨ and enjoy the ride. 

13. Dulce de Leche Coulant from Gaucho's

Marina Wollmann

Ok, I was born in Argentina so I coulnd't avoid adding this mouth melting beauty to the list. Dulce de leche is just so good, period. If you are a meat/steak lover, for sure Argentina is on your list of places to visit. At Gaucho's you can have a preview of what you would be eating in the South and you can not only enjoy the classic argentinian steak but also typical desserts as dulce de leche pancakes or this beautiful chocolate/dulce de leche coulant. 

14. California la Linda from Brunchelona (and EVERYTHING else on their menu)

salad, steak
Marina Wollmann

*Applause crowd cheering sound effect* Oh Dear, it is so good. Yes, they prepare the dishes for you to take pictures of them, but I assure you it is also 100% deli. My go-to place whenever someone visited, no doubt.

The pros? Orders come pretty fast, cons: you should go either early or late, if not you will have to wait half an hour to be seated. There are four around Barcelona, check out which one is closer to you! You are very welcome. 

15. Seasonal Ravioli from Biocenter 

ravioli, sauce, tomato, basil
Marina Wollmann

Biocenter is a vegetarian restaurant, it has many original and tasty options, but let me tell you that when I ordered the ravioli, everyone regretted not getting them too. These were pumpkin ravioli, but the menu changes constantly, atm they have tomato ones, and for when you go it will have changed to something even cooler! 

16. Fruit Salad from La Boqueria 

Marina Wollmann

La Boqueria. How can one describe this magnificent place? It is THE food market to visit in Barcelona. It is located right in the middle of the most touristic area so you have no excuses. Right at the beginning you can see fruit salads and juices for great value and little money. There are also take-away options, restaurants, fish, meat, cheese, olives, sweets, spices... Are you already there?

17. Black Rice from La Taberna Gallega

This place was ranked Best Restaurant in Barcelona in 2016. Black rice is very popular in spanish cuisine. Catalans do it right, and you need to try it! La Taberna Gallega is a classic restaurant located in the Port Olimpic, right next to the sea, you can go for a nice walk after stuffing your face with this black rice, their classic paella or any kind of seafood. 

18. Duck with Potatoes and Poached Eggs from Picnic

Everyone is talking about this place so you better give it a shot. Poached eggs are their specialty, you can enjoy brunch or dinner. Make sure to call first! It's right next to Parc de la Ciutadella. 

19. Chocolate Brownie from Balthazar

chocolate, brownie
Marina Wollmann

This place has a complete dinner menu for 20,95 euros. It is a beautifully decorated, conveniently located restaurant that you can try if you want to treat yourself (and not spend that much) in the middle of your trip. I went there on a romantic date and also with a large group of friends, any situation works! And the best part of their menu is the chocolate brownie dessert. 

21. Lunch Menu from Buenas Migas 

tea, toast
Marina Wollmann

Buenas Migas is a key spot for people who are travelling because it offers good food for ¨little¨ money (depending if you previously visited Paris or Thailand). Menus go from 8€ to 11€. There are several around the city, discover yours and don't miss out the gazpacho.

22. Salmon Bagel aka ¨Nordico¨ from Petit Pot

Marina Wollmann

If you are a little home sick with a lot of bagel cravings, here's your go to place. The salmon bagel is just perfect, all you can expect from this creamy fresh sandwich. 

23. Oreo Cupcake from Cup & Cake

buttercream, cream cheese, cream, chocolate, cheese
Marina Wollmann

Don't miss out this little cupcakes shop next to Plaça Universitat, right when you start your adventure through Raval neighborhood. Be sure to feel the need for sugar before getting one, they are overly sweeAMAZING. 

24. Ravioli from Samsara

Samsara offers a creative version of one classic tapas. The featured dish shows cod ravioli with candied veggies and mango mayonnaise. They take care of every detail and most likely you will get out of there crawling. Tapas may seem small but after four or five dishes, you'll wonder "how did this happen?"

My number one advice is to make a reservation early and be very hungry when you go. They offer good deals for dinner. 

25. Hummus & Sausage from Casa Conxita

Casa Conxita is a very cute little restaurant located pretty close to La Pedrera, one of the most famous buildings that Gaudi designed and that you'll for sure go see. After so much history and architecture you may be hungry, right? This place has very good tapas, a decent variety of beers and colorful drinks in case it's late and you need to spice it up!

26. Tacos from Tlaxcal

Marina Wollmann

Yes, there are Mexican restaurants all over the world (how lucky are we?) so what if you have Mexican cravings when visiting Barna? Tlaxcal is one of the best, they highly recommend their #fishtacos. 

27. Calamari Rings from Bar Boqueria

onion rings, beer, onion, fried calamari, calamari, french fries
Marina Wollmann

As I mentioned before, La Boqueria market has different options inside. One of those options is to sit down, order a cold beer,  some calamari rings and enjoy the hectic environment.

28. Patatas Bravas from Hollyburg

cheese, poutine, tortellini, sauce
Marina Wollmann

Right next to Sagrada Familia, you can't pass by this place without trying their classic ¨patatas bravas¨ (bravas = name of the famous sauce, patatan = potatoes). They can look like a little too much, but I'm sure you'll finish that plate before even realizing it. 

29. Caramelized Onion Pizza from La Fermata 

pizza, cheese, wine
Marina Wollmann

You choose the size and pay by weight. All of their pizzas are good, but the caramelized onion one earns the deliciousness prize. Some pizza had to make it to the list, right?

30. Choco Avatar from El Café Blueproject

chocolate cake, cake, chocolate
Marina Wollmann

100% raw organic cocoa cake that could really surprise you. Change that weird face and give it a shot! This place is a petit bar next to a very cool art gallery, it is close to Arc de Triomf (the triumphal arch), another must seen touristic attraction. 

31. Tapas from Cerveseria Catalana

Marina Wollmann

Take note of this: go there early, it is always packed (it is really good), and when you get your table, order: pimientos de padrón (green salted peppers), pan con tomate (bread with tomato and olive oil, a catalan all time classic), boquerones (anchovies), jamón ibérico (traditional spanish jam), croquetas (croquettes) and patatas bravas (the potatoes I mentioned in #26). With those dishes and a beer you can tell everyone that you are officially a tapas expert.

32. Vermut from Everywhere

liquor, alcohol, ice, juice, cocktail, wine, sweet, tea, rum, iced tea
Marina Wollmann

No, this doesn't mean I coulnd't decide on one place, it's just that it would be extremely hard for you to find a place where they don't serve it. Vermut is consumed in Italy, France and other countries, but catalans for sure made it a trend. It is a classic in this city and you really need to try it. It is a fine herbs fortified and aromatized wine, it usually goes with a slice of orange and an olive. If you want to know more about this drink, there you go

33. Non-Alcoholic Cocktails from Crêpes al Born

smoothie, tea, mango, juice
Marina Wollmann

Aren't they cute? celery, green apple, ginger, kiwi, orange, carrots, and all kind of deliciously healthy ingredients combined for you to have a good time while eating a crêpe and listening to good music. 

34. Croquettes from Antunez

Croquettes are one of the most traditional dishes in the Spanish cuisine. Crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside, be careful of eating too many of these little deli balls!

35. Manchego Burger from BACOA

tomato, cheese, bun, fried egg, onion, cheddar, avocado, bacon
Marina Wollmann

We all know burger restaurants are hot right now. This is the last one, I promise! Bacoa is already a classic in this city: big burgers, nice environment, good service and, of course, great taste guaranteed. 

36. Vegan, Gluten-Free Pizza from Petit Brot

pizza, kale
Marina Wollmann

If you are gluten intolerant, vegan, or you just want to try something different and 100% healthy and sustainable, don't hesitate on trying this ¨pizza viva.¨ Its ingredients include almonds, spinach, marinated mushrooms and vegan béchamel sauce, and are perfectly matched together. Your body will be thankful. The cute little vegan restaurant is located in one of the coolest neighborhoods of the city. 

37. Argentinian Empanadas from Muns

Marina Wollmann

Empanadas are a timeless classic that you've gotta try. If you couldn't visit South America yet, here you have a hint of what you will be eating on that trip. Empanadas are delicious, and flavors vary from meat to cheese to almost anything you can imagine.

Muns owners recommend number two and nine from their menu. You can visit them in one of their three shops or order online. Try them out! Quality fun food. 

38. Code/49 beer from Garage Beer Co.

syrup, tea, honey
Marina Wollmann

¨Refreshing and balanced. Smooth, with a soft lemon flavor,¨ is how they're described on the Garage Beer Co. website. I agree and you need to try their exclusive variety too. It has the cool/chill vibe and the craft touch that will stay with you for the rest of the trip.  

39. ¨Pulpo a la Gallega¨ from O-Retorno

cheese, bacon, pizza, chicken
Marina Wollmann

As one of the best destinations for sea food in Spain, Barcelona has countless options. If you are ready to take it to the next level, you should try the classic octopus dish from O-Retorno. 

40. Thailand Tofu Curry from Vegetalia

noodle, broth, chicken, soup
Marina Wollmann

An amazing veggie restaurant, this is one of their best dishes and if you like curry you should try it out. This one is also gluten-free, FYI. They combine flavors so well that you may even become a vegetarian!

41. Pizza from El Sortidor

chicken, basil, mozzarella, pizza
Marina Wollmann

Located in one of the old/classic-now trendy/hipster- neighborhoods of Barcelona, pizza from El Sortidor is famous for its exclusive (it is actually small) shop and cozy environment. The cooks are right there and you can see how they make their pizza magic live.   

42. Seafood from La Cova Fumada

It is somewhat highly priced so save it for the last night of your trip. If you are looking for the authentic seafood experience, this is one of the best places to go. Rustic, traditional, vintage with really good quality. 

43. Coffee & Croissant from Bermont Coffee

As you know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This cute little coffee shop is located in Gràcia, one of the most characteristic neighborhoods of Barcelona (right next to metro station Fontana) Their coffee is excellent and with their juices and pattiserie options you will have the extra energy you need to walk around the whole city. 

44. Sweet Potato Bravas from Mutenroshi Ramen

You have already seen the classic patatas bravas in number 28, but as everything has its alternative version, you can try sweet potato ones for a change. Potatoes should be scared of these sweeties. Let your palate decide which is the best. 

45. Pink Dragon Bowl from Green&Berry

chocolate, ice cream, ice, cream
Marina Wollmann

One image is worth a thousand words. If you miss your açai bowls and you want to live a sublime vegetarian, healthy -and countless beautiful words- experience, go to Green&Berry. 

46. Vegan Burger from Väcka 

Tell the truth, you were 100% tempted by this picture. Me too! I mean have you seen this? Whichever lifestyle you are following, this is a must if you want a veggie delicatessen shot.  

47. Pulled Pork Pancake from Can Dendé

This brunch spot is rated five stars everywhere. It is not in the center, but it's worth the metro ride. They combine flavors in out of this world dishes that will satisfy your hunger for original and delicious food. Pulled Pork Pancake with Poached Eggs is just an example, everything is good. 

48. Any Sandwich from Entrepanes Díaz

Sandwiches are common currency all over Spain. If you are not gluten intolerant or on a strict diet, enjoy this distinctive pieces of art anywhere you go. Entrepanes Díaz is an example of sandwich perfection, just look at this picture.

49. Spanish Tortilla from Taktikaberri

Don't judge a book by its cover. If you have never tried the typical spanish tortilla, this could be your chance. You can order it almost everywhere (it's a basic dish in the whole country, VERY good), even buy it at the supermarket for 1.5€. But if you want to have the whole tapas crowded-but-delicious restaurant experience, go to this vasc tabern in L'Eixample.

50. Pink Cava and Ham from La Xampanyeria

Everyone I know who has been to Barcelona has gone to La Xampanyeria, everyone but me. I will rely on my friends' comments about it; you must go, period. It is a classic, it is cheap and it is delicious. Most people order cava (a type of sparkling wine) with ham and bacon sandwich. 

Every good thing comes to an end, but giddy up! Your trip is just starting. The 50 best things to eat (and drink) in Barcelona list is done. Check out the place that suits your palate best, or try something new.

Discover this beautiful, artistic, sunny and friendly city not just for its amazing food but for its people, its buildings, its colors and its positive vibe. Be sure to explore, walk the narrow Born streets, take a deep breath on top of Tibidabo, enjoy the wide open space at Olympic Stadium Park, watch people walk by in Barceloneta and have cold cheap cañas every day. Barcelona is exquisite in every way. Have a safe and happy journey!