The first month of classes has come and gone with everyone finally settling into their weekly routines. With the stress of adjusting to somewhat chaotic college life, it can be overwhelming for many, especially incoming freshmen. For a break from the stress and studying, here are 5 restaurants at the University of Michigan that every freshman needs to try during their first semester on campus. 

 1. Sava's

Just down the street from the State Theater is the eclectically delicious restaurant called Sava's. It has an upscale modern look without the exclusive upscale vibe. Over half of their menu is vegetarian, while many things can be made vegan. One of their most famous dishes is their Mac & Cheese, which can be made with or without your choice of meat or even fish. Although there is sometimes a wait, it is always worth it.

2. Zingerman's Delicatessen

If you go anywhere to eat, Zingerman's Delicatessen is the Ann Arbor classic. Celebrity chef Mario Batali and President Barack Obama have both made stops at this incredible restaurant. While their sandwiches are legendary, it's not all they specialize in. Next door they have a bakery with the tastiest pastries, cakes, coffee, and more, but it doesn't stop there. Want some of their cheeses, meats, or fresh bread? They sell them market-style (you can even call ahead and they will have everything prepared for you before you arrive). Zingerman's is the most iconic restaurant on the University of Michigan's campus and should be at the top of your "Must-Try" restaurant list.

3. Pizza House

One of the most classic pizza places in Ann Arbor is Pizza House. Their menu is anything but simple, boasting everything from pizzas, to burgers, pastas, subs, and delicious cinnamon sticks. Foodie tip: pair one of their incredible shakes (or malts) with pizza (you will not be disappointed). Located right next to East Quad, it's super convenient for anyone on central campus. They also deliver and are open until 4am every night, so you can always count on them for your late-night cravings.

4. The Lunch Room

The Lunch Room is truly a plant-based paradise. Everything on their menu is plant-based, vegan, and over half is gluten-free. Some may be put off by this, but their food is unparalleled. Their "Mac and Cheese" cheese is made from butternut squash and red bell pepper, which is absolutely delicious. They also have a full bar as well, with all drinks being 100% vegan. If you're not vegan, vegetarian, or have any dietary restrictions, do not hesitate to give this place a try!

5. Wilma's

One of the most unique and aesthetically pleasing restaurants in Ann Arbor is Wilma's. Famously known for their açaí bowls, Wilma's is a favorite amongst students at the University of Michigan. Their entire menu is by far one of the most creative on campus, especially with items like the Halloumi Bowl and Orange-Zest Pancakes. They also have an assortment of coffees, teas, and smoothies. Between their food, drinks, and the beautiful atmosphere, Wilma's is an adorable spot you do not want to miss.

If there's any guarantee in coming to the University of Michigan, it's that you will never be bored with Ann Arbor food. This list contains only a few of the many spectacular restaurants this city has to offer. Remember to be nice to yourself and take a break from the intensity of college by grabbing a bite out to eat! Get away from all the work and explore the food-centric streets, because you never know what you might find.