Leaving the comfort of home for the great unknown that is college brings with it the daunting change from moms amazing home cooked meals to the, at times unidentifiable and generic, meats and root vegetables that are a staple in every dining hall. If you want to do your tastebuds a real favor invest in these tools.

1. Coffee Paraphernalia


Photo by Helena Lin

In college a caffeine addiction is almost inevitable, and sadly dinning hall coffee always tastes like watery sadness. To avoid a daily cup of disappointment invest in a way to brew your coffee and, if you’re a fan of lattes or cappuccinos, a Milk Frother.

2. Magic Bullet


Photo courtesy of Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet is an invaluable tool at any stage of life, because of it’s versatility, but it’s compact size makes it perfect for dorm living. Grab some fruit and milk from the dinning hall and whip up a morning smoothie, use it as an alternative coffee bean grinder for your first college all-nighter, make some salsa for a refreshing afternoon snack- the list goes on and on.

3. Toaster Oven


Photo courtesy of 99 Smart Homes

Disclaimer: check your residence guidelines, my first year housing didn’t allow anything remotely flammable- tiny ovens included. That being said, as I learned from my ‘rebellious’ friend who stowed kitchen contraband under her bed, a toaster oven will prove handy whether you’re making breakfast, cupcakes for a friends birthday or just hungover toast.

4. Electric Kettle


Photo courtesy of Good House Keeping

Although this was also contraband in my residence it was worth the risk as oatmeal when I was too lazy to get out of my room for breakfast, hot water and honey when I was sick, and the occasional cup noodle would have never come been without it.

5. An Iron


Courtesy of Giphy

When versatility in the kitchen comes to mind you probably think of a chickpeas or kale, something that logically belongs in the kitchen, but oddly enough a simple clothing iron can be equally versatile. Use it to press your shirts before your first big internship interview or make a late night grilled cheese.