The munchies. Everyone gets them. It's midnight and you already ate two dinners today; somehow you're hungry again, and you need a snack to get you through until bedtime. Eating late at night only adds to the Freshman 15; so this frequent snacking problem needs to be dealt with. Luckily, here's seven ways to satisfy your late-night cravings, stress free!


butter, milk, wheat, sweet, caramel, kettle corn, cereal, corn, popcorn
Andrea Kang

Everyone loves some popcorn to pair with a good movie before bed. The key here is to get butter-free and unsalted popcorn. It'll still taste great and satisfy your late night cravings because it's something to munch on, but without all the bad stuff!

Dried fruit

pineapple, sweet, apple
Hailey Nelson

Dried fruit is a super easy snack to store in your dorm to munch on at night. Dried apples are the best option if you choose this, as they don't have as much sugar as something like pineapples or apricots. These can be tough to bite into, which is great when you're snacking to keep yourself busy. Make sure that you buy the organic fruit, not the fake, sugary kinds!

Non-fat Greek Yogurt

sweet, dairy product
Lauryn Lahr

This yogurt is much healthier without the fat, and it tastes practically the same! You can even buy it in delicious flavors like vanilla, blueberry, and strawberry. Plus, the high amounts of protein in the yogurt keep you full for longer. If you're really hungry, you can always put granola or fruit in the yogurt for an extra crunch. (You could even use dried fruit - combining two of these recommendations!)

Baked Chips

salt, chips, potato, corn, french fries
Emily Palmer

Admit it - what you REALLY want late at night is potato chips. This is the snack food of all snack foods. While this isn't a particularly healthy option, there is a way that you can eat them without worrying as much. Baked chips are healthier than fried chips as they contain less fat and sodium. They are salty though, so make sure to stay hydrated.


Fruit, Healthy, strawberry, berry, sweet, pasture
Tess Tarantino

Not everyone might have strawberries available, but you can often buy them somewhere on campus (just make sure they aren't coated in sugar though). Strawberries contain lots of healthy nutrients without many calories. They're also super refreshing - great for staying hydrated!

Flavored tea

hot chocolate, chocolate, cream, cappuccino, tea, milk, espresso, coffee
Julie Lau

Tea with a yummy flavor can help to satisfy your tastebuds without the calories and fat. This is also effective because it keeps you hydrated and fills you up. The great thing about tea is that you can choose from so many flavors - ranging from berry hibiscus to spiced chai. The most important thing to look for here is if there is caffiene in the tea - you don't want to be up ALL night.


walnut, almond, nut
Torey Walsh

Some kinds of nuts are healthier than others, so choose the right types. Almonds are one of the healthiest types, followed by cashews. Nuts provide essential nutrients and satisfy your hunger, which make them perfect for late night cravings. Just make sure they're unsalted!

We all want to snack while studying late at night, but if you eat healthy foods then you don't have to worry about the freshman 15 and you can snack stress-free!