You may not have heard of Lolli and Pops yet, but you will soon. Lolli and Pops is a candy store based in San Francisco that sells a vast selection of candy and sweet treats. They've got everything from space ice cream to freshly baked macarons. 

A few days ago I headed to the store in King of Prussia, PA, located just outside of Philadelphia. The store is extremely spacious and there is a ton of different sections that will make everyone happy. When you walk in, you'll notice how colorful and aesthetically pleasing the store is.

On the left, there's displays of rainbow lollipops and a counter selling homemade fudge. On the right, you'll see the huge cooler full of sodas, filled with brands and flavors that you've never heard of. As you walk towards the back of the store, you'll breathe in and smell all of the fresh chocolate. You'll turn into a kid again when you see all of the Nerds Ropes and Pez displays. You'll even see candy from countries you've never been to. You'll never want to leave - and here's why. 

1. They've got a gummy bear bar

I've never heard of a gummy bear bar until I went to the one at Lolli and Pops. What makes it better is that the bar is surrounded by a giant, plastic, golden gummy bear that draws your eyes in. This bar is even equipped with alcohol flavored gummy bears, like a delicious rosè champagne flavor. 

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Amanda Saleh

#SpoonTip: Ask a store associate for a sample in any bulk product that strikes your fancy. 


You might not know what matcha is (don't worry, you're not the only one). It's finely ground up green tea. And when I say that Lolli and Pops has matcha flavored everything, I mean everything. Lolli and Pops has matcha cotton candy, matcha Pocky, and even matcha Kit Kats.

Other products include matcha dark chocolate bars and matcha Twix

3. There's products from all over the world

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Gabby Phi

Part of the store is divided up into sections based on geographic regions - there's European, Asian, and Spanish sections. They have products like Kinder, a creamy german chocolate, and Pocky, a Japanese breadstick that you dip into icing. 

4. They have nostalgic candy, too!

A while ago, I took my mom here and she was in heaven  surrounded by all of her favorite childhood candies like Bonomo Turkish Taffy. They've also got Necco wafers, candy cigarettes, Mary Janes, and Sugar Daddys. 

5. Sodas in flavors you didn't think were possible 

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Amanda Saleh

Right away, I noticed the Buffalo Wing Soda because of the bright color. They've also got PB& J Soda and Bacon Soda (pretty cool, if you ask me.) In fact, they've got a whole wall full of different drinks - and they're all unconventional and unique. 

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Amanda Saleh

If you don't have a Lolli and Pops store near you, I'm sure one will pop up soon as this company is expanding. But until then, you can buy products on their website. Currently, they've got stores all over the country - including San Antonio, Chicago, Atlanta, and Tulsa.