Everybody loves a birthday, whether it be ours, or a friend’s. But with birthdays there is a sudden affiliation towards one word, Party.

In that context, everyone wants to throw a smashin’ party, but sometimes, there’s only so much you can do when you’re

a) underage, and so no clubs or

b) have friends/cousins/etc. who are really underage. Hence, still no clubs or

c) when it’s supposed to be a family oriented event, so yet again definitely no clubs.

For a lot of people, the coolest party locations are mostly the places that have an age limit (so either clubs, which is 18+, or the ball pit, which is up to 8 only). So, what do you do?

Never fear, when Hard Rock Café is here!

So here’s 5 reasons why Hard Rock Café would make the coolest party location ever.

1). The Ambience

The atmosphere of this place is killer. It’s got the dim-lighting-plus-strobing-disco-lights theme and cool music. Then there are the walls decorated with the items of some of the most legendary musicians to have existed, and I’m not talking photos and t-shirts only. I’m talking actual guitars, hats, coats, drum snare skin, things like that all mounted on the walls, covering as much exposed area as they possibly can. It doesn’t get better than that.

2). The Food

In my experience, a lot of really cool places don’t particularly have real great food. It’s like they think the general coolness of everything else will negate the not-so-great food. Ah, how wrong they are!

But Hard Rock Café is covered on that end as well! I’m talking items like Hickory Smoked Ribs, Fiesta Burgers, Cheesecake made with Oreo Cookie pieces, and so much more!

3). The Song Selection

Remember the blaring music I was talking about? Yeah, well, whoever is in-charge of the song selection deserves an award. If you’re a rock fan, then I guarantee you will fall in love with the playlist. It gives a brilliant mix of evergreen old classics (like Bon Jovi, ACDC, etc) and latest new hits (like Weezer, Green Day, Linkin Park, etc.) that is downright awesome!

4). The In-House Photographer

Every party needs to have a few essential things: food, drink, music, cake, and photos. We all have devices to capture the best of the memories, but sometimes you just want to live them rather than click them. Keeping apart the smartphones, you know when photos come out the best? When it is taken by a professional, or with a professional camera.

Guess what? Hard Rock Café has you covered on that end, too! 

5). The Random Dance Moments

This is perhaps the one thing about Hard Rock Café that makes it so much more fun than your average club. Here, though, you’ll have random moments where some generation favourite dance numbers like the YMCA is played.

All the servers and the bartenders will come up on stage along with the patrons and stand in perfect formation to jam out to the song.It’s a brilliant sight in itself.

So for the next birthday, you know where you gotta go!