Do you love food? Are you interested in sharing that passion with other students at Spring Hill? Then Spoon Spring Hill is the place for you. You may have seen our Instagram @spoon_springhill, or read about us in The Springhillian a few months back.

In case you didn't, Spoon University is an online food publication which works to make food and healthy lifestyles accessible to college students. We're looking for hardworking, outgoing individuals with a great sense of humor. Want to work with an on-campus organization that embraces (and encourages) a love of food? Let us convince you. We can't wait for you to join Spoon!

1. Getting to know Mobile

cream, ice, ice cream
Erica Powell

By joining Spoon, you'll get the chance to escape from the Spring Hill Bubble. We're looking for ways for students to get out and explore Mobile, and we want you to help. From discovering local hot spots to learning more about Gulf Coast food traditions, we want to get invested in the community and share what we've learned with everyone. 

2. We're really passionate about food...

salad, salsa, tacos, ceviche, shrimp
Angeline Morris

When you join Spoon, you have the opportunity to eat great food and share your thoughts about it — in any format. And it doesn't have to be just recipes! It can be whatever your heart desires. As long as it's connected to food, we're interested!

3. ...but that's not all we care about.

meat, walnut, nut
Weichen Yan

With the addition of Spoon Healthier, we want to hear more about how you live a healthy lifestyle. Whether that be stories on easy acne remedies, mental health, or the experience of changing your hair, we want to hear from you about things that you are passionate about. 

4. (Food) Networking 

Spoon opens you up to a number of different chapters internationally (there's 150, and we're still growing). You get to know people around the world, and communicate with them. Plus, since Spoon is a nationally recognized publication, you'll be sharing your thoughts with a platform that connects with millions. And having national publication doesn't look bad on a resume, either.

Writing not your thing? When you join Spoon, you get the chance to work with social media — our team of marketers, photographers, and videographers make sure that there are multiple ways for readers to connect with food and wellness.

5. We're new, and we're not letting that stop us.

tea, coffee, beer
Angeline Morris

Just because we're new on campus doesn't mean we aren't passionate about what we do. We're super excited to recruit new membership. And Spring Hill is a great campus to do that. With so many students passionate about so many different things, we are excited to see where we go in the next year!

So what are you waiting for — join Spoon now! We can't wait to meet you.