The Experience

One of the best and most popular brunch spots in Mobile, AL is the Spot of Tea. Located in the heart of Downtown Mobile, right off Cathedral Square, this restaurant is best known for its unique twists on traditional brunch favorites. From their Strawberry Sweet Tea to their rendition of Eggs Benedict— Eggs Cathedral, Spot of Tea's menu offers a variety of brunch and lunch items. The atmosphere is a flawless combination of upbeat service staff who keep things moving while still making sure everyone has their own personal and unique experience.

                              The Taste 

No matter what you order at the Spot of Tea, its deliciousness is guaranteed. Two of my personal favorite sandwiches here are the Hawaiian Melt and the Monte Cristo. The first of the two is both sweet and a little tangy with grilled ham topped with Swiss cheese, bacon, and pineapple served on sourdough with honey mustard. The Monte Cristo, being both crispy and sweet, is an egg battered sourdough sandwich grilled and stuffed with ham, turkey, Swiss, American, and Monterey Jack cheeses, sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar and served with honey mustard on the side. While the classic choices between sandwiches, soups and salads are great and full of flavor, the best dishes come in their breakfast food options. The Belgian waffles are just the right mix of soft and crunchy and are great when topped off with confectioner's sugar and traditional syrup. The pancakes are full and fluffy all throughout. Each can complete the perfect breakfast when paired with sausage or bacon and scrambled eggs. 

                          The Reflection

Spot of Tea may be accredited as a top favorite for many Mobilians, undoubtedly including myself.  Their atmosphere and ambience combined with the wonderful food as well as how it's presented to the people they serve make each trip an invaluable one.  Should anyone be traveling in the direction of or through Mobile, they should definitely make their best effort at sticking a fork in this little spot on the map before heading back home!

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Erica Powell