Ice cream is the one thing in this world you can depend on. Whether it's Ben and Jerry's by the carton or a totally artsy cone from Big Gay, ice cream is the way to go for dessert. And it's even better when it comes from the City of Brotherly Love

1. Franklin Fountain

Franklin Fountain, located on Market Street, is a staple when it comes to Philly ice cream. The shop is designed to reflect an old soda fountain.

Ice cream lovers can choose from sundaes, splits, cups and cones, or even a soda straight from the fountain. And no matter what you get, you can't go wrong with ice cream from the fountain, I mean even Ben Franklin approves. 

2. Big Gay Ice Cream

Big Gay is located in South Philly but also has three different locations in NYC. It is a shop that originated from an ice cream truck and grew from there. The shop puts a fun twist on soft serve but also has sundaes and shakes.

Personally, I'm a big fan of American Globs but if you're a Salty Pimp kind of guy/girl, I won't judge. No matter what you pick you can't go wrong, just don't forget to 'gram it! 

3. Capogiro Gelato Artisans

Capogiro Gelato Artisans is one of Philly's best gelato shops. It is also named the #1 ice cream spot in the entire world by National Geographic. If that doesn't sell you, then maybe the changing flavors of the day will. Flavors like cappuccino, dulce de leche, and salted caramel. It's like visiting Italy... But with less cute Italian boys.

4. Sweet Charlie's

Get out your phones Insta-fiends! The new trend is rolled ice cream, made on a super, cold surface and mixed with toppings before being rolled into little tubes of sweet heaven. Sweet Charlie's is one of the first rolled ice cream joints in Philly and certainly one of the best. Check it out and don't forget to Boomerang the experience! 

5. Scoop DeVille

Scoop DeVille is an extremely underrated ice cream shop with an insane amount of options. They have a dairy-free and a gluten-free menu in addition to their seasonal offerings.

Each treat is blended perfectly to fit all the toppings you pick from the millions of options they have. Name it and they have it. In addition to all that, they have ice cream cakes, root beer floats, milkshakes, banana splits, sundaes, and even ice cream pies. 

So whatever your ice cream preferences, these places are sure to impress.