Even though I eat ice cream every month of the year, I know it is definitely best served while it’s still hot out.

Even with summer over, I decided to review five of my favorite ice cream spots in Philly anyway. Each shop was carefully chosen for its uniqueness, and of course, tastiness.

1. Scoop DeVille

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Kara Rosenblum

If you’re looking for an ice cream experience unlike any other, Scoop DeVille on Walnut Street is the place to go. Upon walking in, you are greeted by friendly waiters who guide you through making the most delectable soft serve ice cream creation.

First, you select one of 13 base flavors of ice cream or frozen yogurt. Then you choose as many ingredients you would like to mix into your ice cream.

There are over 80 ingredients ranging from candy, cookies and cookie dough to nuts, fruits and cereals. Lastly you can select between 13 different syrups to be drizzled over the final product.

If you are an indecisive person, don't worry, Scoop DeVille has created 15 signature blends in case customers have trouble deciding between the limitless options. I have never had a more exciting soft serve concoction in my life, and I definitely recommend Scoop DeVille for adventurous ice cream goers.

2. The Franklin Fountain

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Rebecca Li

Suitably located in Old City, Franklin Fountain transports you back in time to an old-fashioned ice cream parlor. Every part of the shop is authentically designed with such attention to detail that waiters wear bowties, sprinkles are called “jimmies,” and all the ice cream and fudge are handmade.

I am not one to frequent long lines, but this one, which was out the door and down the block, was undoubtedly worth the wait. I ordered a waffle cone with a scoop of hydrox cookie, presently known as Cookies and Cream, and another scoop of black raspberry, and to top it off, I had the waiter drizzle over some homemade fudge. I sincerely have never tasted anything better.

While five miles away from the University of Pennsylvania campus may seem daunting, I urge you to make the trek down to this delightful 1920s ice cream parlor.

3. Yogorino

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Sydney Essex

Why would you choose to go to a place that only offers one flavor of frozen yogurt, right? Wrong. Yogorino’s flawless flavor is so unique and distinct in taste that you will soon become obsessed with it and forget about all the other places that serve 100+ flavors. It is a creamy, airy vanilla/plain blend that works perfectly with an array of toppings.

For a healthier route, Yogorino also offers a wide variety of fresh fruit prepared daily in store, but if you are able to cheat a little, I absolutely recommend the hardened chocolate sauces. Each cup of Yogorino frozen yogurt is both visually stunning and incredibly appetizing. It will only leave you wanting more.

4. Big Gay Ice Cream

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Kara Rosenblum

I had to include one of my favorite Ice Cream Parlors from New York City that opened up about a year ago in Philadelphia. Big Gay Ice Cream started out as a food truck, but received an extensive amount of positive publicity and ultimately expanded to several stores.

The menu offers seven exceptional soft serve creations: Bea Arthur, Salty Pimp, Mermaid, American Globs, Monday Sundae, Gobbler, and Cococone.

Each one is served with either vanilla, chocolate, or twist soft serve, and then infused with a multitude of cravings such as caramel sauce, Nutella linings, sea salt, crushed vanilla wafers and graham crackers, pretzels, and whipped cream. Each signature design is pact with flavor and is nothing but absolutely satisfying.

5. Capogiro Gelato Artisans

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Rebecca Li

Gelato is one of the toughest types of ice creams to execute. When I hear the word gelato, I automatically think of Italy and how nothing will compare to the gelato one can eat there. But, Capogiro defies the unimaginable.

Not only is the shop located on Penn’s campus, but the gelato tastes so distinctly Italian. With 385 flavors and counting, the store showcases around 20 different flavors daily. There are no fancy toppings or crazy sauces, but those embellishments are not necessary due to the richness and creaminess of the gelato itself.

One simple scoop of “Cioccolato” or “Fior Di Latte” is all one needs to feel a sense of contentment. If you haven’t already tried one of the many gelato flavors, I recommend doing so the next time you have a minute or two before class.