I'm from Brooklyn, which means that I've always had a world of diverse food in my backyard. From top-notch pizzerias to mouth-watering Polish cuisine, Brooklyn hosts a multitude of cultures and nationalities that broadcast their flavors. These five lunch spots in Brooklyn, in my opinion, are cuisine-diverse, inexpensive, and delicious.

1. Panino Rustico

This panini place has dramatically increased in popularity since I first discovered it 3 years ago. It has fair prices, with paninis ranging from $9-$11, wraps around $7 each, and delicious crepes around $6-7 each. If you want to have a warm, comfortable lunch experience that doesn't make you feel heavy, this is the spot for you.

My Recommendation: P15 (Mozzarella Panini with Tomato, Fresh Basil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil), W7 (Prosciutto Wrap with goat cheese, arugula, and fig glaze), and S11 (Nutella with Fruit Crepe)

These three menu items are to die for. The panini is warm, fresh, and decently sized. It comes with a refreshing basil dressing salad that complements the sandwich. The wrap (pictured above) is extremely elegant, with the sweetness of the fig glaze mixing perfectly with the saltiness of the prosciutto and goat cheese. The crepe, of course, is full of Nutella and your choice of topping. My personal favorite is their Nutella strawberry crepe.

2. Nagoya Fusion 

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Caroline Ingalls

Nagoya Fusion is definitely one of the best sushi spots in Brooklyn. In addition to tasting amazing, this restaurant does not break the bank like many other top-rated sushi restaurants. While known for its sushi, the restaurant also boasts a wide array of delectable Japanese dishes.

My Recommendation: Crispy Duck Roll (appetizer, not sushi), Boston Roll, Philadelphia Roll, Kani Salad

I am a huge kani salad enthusiast, and needless to say, their kani salad is fresh and yummy. The crispy duck roll is a little heavy, but the explosion of spicy, sweet, and tangy flavors in your mouth will leave you wanting more. Although every roll I've tried in Nagoya Fusion has been delicious, I like the classics the best; Philadelphia Roll and Boston Roll are definitely top-notch at this restaurant.

3. Mike's Donuts

Who says you can't have dessert first? Although this local shop does offer delicious bagels, croissants, and bialys, the donuts here are the reason Mike's has been going strong since 1976. Additionally, the shop is conveniently located right near a movie theater.  

My Recommendation: Boston Creme Donut

Their Boston Creme Donuts are insane. This seemingly uncomplicated, easy-going donut takes Boston Creme to a whole new level. It has the perfect ratio of creamy, delicious custard to donut. That donut is no joke.

4. Chris's

cheese, bacon, tortellini, ravioli
Anna Woolery

This restaurant is the only Polish food I've ever had in my life, and it is so unbelievably tasty that I don't think I need to look any further for Polish cuisine. From fresh pierogi to chicken cordon bleu and the legendary "Chris Burger," Chris's Polish Restaurant gives new meaning to Eastern European meals. The cooking is authentic and homey. The chef, Chris, is very friendly and often comes around to say hello to dining guests. If you're looking for a feel-good, delicious lunch, Chris's is waiting for you with reasonable prices and a filling meal. 

My Recommendation: Chris Burger, Eggs Benedict, Blintzes with Apple  

The Chris Burger, at only $5.50, is not for the weak of heart. Full of grilled veggies and a hearty beef patty, the burger is not named after the owner in vain. Their eggs benedict, served with smoked salmon only on weekends, are definitely a reason to trek over to Chris's on a Saturday or Sunday morning. They are creamy, always perfectly poached, and served with a toasted muffin and capers (optional). Finally, treat yourself to some authentic Polish blintzes for dessert full of any fruit and/or cheese that you desire. My personal favorite is apple.

5. Il Colosseo

Il Colosseo is a Bensonhurst Italian restaurant that all the locals have kept a secret so far. This has been done in hopes that no one will rush in and corrupt the amazing dining experience that is this restaurant. I'm here to let you all in on the thin crust pizzas, perfectly crisp calamari, creamy pasta, and Italian cheesecake that spoil every Brooklyn native who walks through those doors. Seriously, though, Il Colosseo is a must-try if you're in Brooklyn. 

My Recommendation: Everything. But try the Margherita pizza

If you're ever in Brooklyn, don't settle for anything less than the best local spots. These places are guaranteed to be budget-friendly, as well as absolutely delicious. Try them out, and one of them may become your go-to lunch spot too!