I grew up with my Babci force feeding me Polish food every chance that she got. She would put the food in a bowl with pictures at the bottom because she knew I would eat the whole thing to get a glimpse of the Disney character or flower at the end of what seemed like the endless bowl. Here is a list of my favorite and underrated Polish foods that I will now force upon you (like grandmother, like granddaughter).

1. The Pirogi

Polish Foods

Photo courtesy of newfinmysoup.blogspot.com

This is my favorite, so I have to share. Pirogi’s have become very popular though out the world. Some people call it the “Polish Dumpling” because they are a dough that can be filled with anything from meat to cheese to fruit. I have made these homemade ever since I was a kid (you can contact me for my Babci’s recipe but I may leave out her secret ingredient). The most common kinds are potato, sauerkraut, and a sweet cheese. I seriously recommend you try each of these. I know it might sound gross being filled with cabbage, but I swear the flavor is delicious.

2. Nalesniki

Polish Foods

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I literally beg my mom to make these for me whenever I come home from school. I would describe them as a thin pancake but the taste is ten times better because there is a sweetness to them. I fill the nalesniki with syrup and fresh fruit and top it off with a little powdered sugar. They are not only meant for breakfast, though! Many people do fill them with meats as well, and those can be eaten at any time of the day.

3. Golabki

Polish Foods

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This is stuffed cabbage. Again, I know a lot of people hate cabbage, but you all really need to give it a try. The filling is usually just rice and hamburger meat which I know all of you eat (unless you don’t eat meat, I am sad you can’t try this), but it’s bomb. The sauce is very light. The way my aunt makes it, the base is just V8 juice.

4. Potato Pancakes

Polish Foods

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Potato and pancakes in the same phrase… you know this is about to be good. It’s basically just potato, egg, onion and some spices thrown together and then fried up. Then comes the even better part; the Polish way to eat it is by dipping it in applesauce and sour cream. Yeah, you heard me right. This is a great way to enjoy you fav childhood snack with out actually looking like you’re still a child.

5. Kielbasa

Polish Foods

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This is the Polish sausage and come on now, who doesn’t like a good sausage? What makes it “Polish” is its special blend of spices. The best way to eat it is with a nice slab of horseradish.

6. Angel Wings

Polish Foods

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These are one of my favorite desserts. It is pretty simple: just a thin crust cake covered in a mound of powered sugar. I know most of you love your chocolaty desserts but give it a try for me. You can sometimes find these at your local supermarket, so keep an eye out!

7. Rosol

Polish Foods

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This, I promise, is the best chicken soup you will ever have. My favorite part about when my mom cooks this is watching and smelling the onion burn on the stove. I love onions, and it goes so well with the soup that you just can’t get enough.

8. Lazanki

Polish Foods

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For all the pasta lovers out there, this is the dish for you. This consists of a homemade pasta, cabbage, and onions. It will definitely taste different than an italian dish, but it will sure be worth it.

Next time you cant figure out what your taste buds are craving, go out and try some of these Polish dishes – you won’t regret it, I promise.