SoCal is home to beautiful beaches, warm weather, movie sets and perhaps some of the best eateries in this country. Los Angeles food is perfect for the adventurous foodie or the refined classical eater. Here are 5 eateries that every LA native misses when they leave sunny Cali.

1. 85 Degrees

If you haven't heard of 85, you're welcome in advance for this introduction. 85 Degrees is a Taiwanese bakeshop that allows customers to pick and choose which pastries they want to try out. At the entrance, customers pick up a tray and tongs and go around the shop, which is surrounded by shelves upon shelves of flaky, buttery treats. Priced at $2.50 max per pastry, you'll be able to try an assortment of these tasty treats.

Personal favorites include: Premium Milk (sweet bread filled with white chocolate), Brioche (buttery, moit sponge cake), and Cheese Dog (a hot dog baked into cheesy, garlicy bread).

2. Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and waffles: name a more iconic duo. I'll wait. This quintessential LA joint offers comfort food straight from Harlem. Diners can eat a variety of chicken dishes, such as the Obama special (3 wings and a side of either a waffle, potato salad, or fries) or the Jeanne Jones Omelette.

Add some of the house-famous hot sauce and down your meal with a flavored lemonade to get the entire Roscoe's experience.

3. Porto's Bakery

Cuba meets Los Angeles with this beloved SoCal spot. Porto's has a loyal following of fans of their potato balls and cheese rolls, which are arguably some of the best you can get at this part of the country. However, you'll have to be patient, as Porto's is notorious for their long lines that can stretch out the door.

Grab a dozen potato balls and cheese rolls, or try out some of their cakes (the Oreo cheesecake is my personal favorite), and you're good to go.

4. Literally Any Mexican Food Truck

Nobody does food trucks like Los Angeles. Always authentic and always open, Mexican food trucks are perfect for late night munchies or on-the-go meals. You can find them on the corner of the sketchiest part of town (which, in my opinion, offer the best kinds of food trucks) or parked in front of your SoulCycle place.

You can't go wrong with an al pastor  (a derivation of schwarma meat) taco topped with lime, radishes and onions or a fully-loaded beef burrito.

5. In-N-Out

Really, was this much of a surprise? In-N-Out is the pride and joy of California. With a simple menu and quality ingredients, you're guaranteed to enjoy whatever you get. Try out the secret menu (such as animal style fries) to get the inside-scoop of why the hype surrounding this fast food chain.

Los Angeles food: You have my heart. No matter where I go or what city I'm in, my LA allegiance will remain uncontested.