For University of Florida students new to the Gainesville area, a social life may seem non-existent. A new school means new people and it may be hard to make friends at first. So, how does a new UF student go about building a social life?

The answer is simple: Pizza.

Gainesville offers many different pizzerias close to campus that will benefit any new student's social life. Whether it be a location to bring a new friend for lunch or a place to catch a dinner with a potential boyfriend or girlfriend, Gainesville has it all. With these four pizza places, your social life will be booming in no time.


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MOD Pizza, conveniently named for their "Made On Demand" pies, is a perfect location to bring friends for a bite to eat. Located close to campus (right under The Standard), this pizzeria is a casual order and pick-up styled restaurant that has a modern and welcoming vibe to it. Every customer is greeted with a friendly "HELLO!" from its employees.

What makes MOD a perfect place to bring new friends is its unique pizza creating technique. After meeting a friend from class or in your dorm , you're probably interested in getting to know them more - however, you aren't comfortable enough with them to want to split a pizza.

MOD eliminates all these issues by offering personal sized pizzas with unlimited toppings for no extra price. You're able to enjoy a delicious slice with a new acquaintance without any sense of pressure.

Amanda Arnone

MOD offers a modern atmosphere to converse with potential BFFs. They have a lot of different seating options, including a bar-styled table facing the outside streets of Gainesville. The music is lively and up-beat, which helps keep the mood of the atmosphere elevated. You and your new friend will have no problem getting to know each other in an atmosphere that’s so appealing. 

One of the greatest aspects of MOD Pizza is its reward system. At the register, customers will be asked if they would like to have a "punch card". These punch cards allow for a free pizza or salad after 6 purchases at their restaurant. These punch cards are a great incentive to hang out with your friend more!


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College is an important time for student's relationship lives. A lot of new students come into school single and ready to mingle. After finding a potential boyfriend or girlfriend on tinder, where do you go on your first date? A safe and retro place to dine is at Satchel's.

Satchel's is a sit-down styled pizzeria with a vintage atmosphere. Scattered around the restaurant are antique signs and objects from different decades. Ranging from old airplane dioramas to giant pirate statues, you never know what you might find.

These antiques are a perfect conversation starter for your first date. There’s so many interesting things to see and look-at - you'll never struggle trying to find something to talk about.

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Satchel's antiques are not the only interesting aspect of the restaurant. The seating options for dining are also accommodating: Satchel's offers both inside and outside areas. There are cute tables located outside in their garden area under some umbrellas.

These seats are perfect for a sunny day where you are able to admire the uncommon sights within Satchel's garden. Also located outside are tables that are completely covered with pennies! How romantic would it be to literally eat on a pile of money?

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The most interesting dining location by far is the van. Satchel's offers an old-styled van that had its seats removed and is replaced by tables. It's a quirky atmosphere that you don't get at typical restaurants. This van is perfect for a date because of the exclusiveness it has to offer.

Sitting inside or outside may not allow for a lot of privacy because of the multitude of tables. However, the van will typically only seat one or two parties. This allows for a very private conversation to get to know your potential significant other.

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Some things to keep in mind when visiting Satchel's are its location and pricing. It's located at the North East of the UF Campus, so this short drive time allows for more one-on-one conversation with your date. When it comes to pricing, it is important to keep in mind Satchels' cash-only policy.

An ATM is located for customers convenience within the back of the restaurant. Satchel's offers many different types of pizzas, toppings, calzones, salads, and a multitude of locally made sodas.

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The University of Florida was recently rated number 8 in the National Public University ratings. UF is known for its smart and intelligent students, but that doesn't come easy. Leonardo's By the Slice, conveniently located on the corner of 13th Street and University Avenue is a popular study spot for many UF students.

Finding people to study with in class is a great place to make friends, but you want to go somewhere you can talk and get to know your pals without getting in trouble. Leonardo's is a perfect place to study because of its lively atmosphere and large seating area.

The restaurant offers many seating options, perfect for any sized study group. Tables range from long 10-seater booths, to cute 2-person corner study holes. The restaurant is never too crowded, so you are able to find a seat easily and it won't be too loud so that you can't focus on your studying.

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What also makes Leo's so great is its diverse menu. No matter what you and your study group are in the mood for, Leo's has it. You can get pizza by the slice or by the pie to share, depending on how hungry you are.

Other options include calzones, pasta, garlic knots, and salad. The garlic knots in particular are a fan favorite to share with groups. You are able to order them in 1/4 dozen, 1/2 dozen, or 1 dozen. 

Leonardo's prices are fairly cheap and affordable for college students.One or two slices is the perfect amount for a meal and it's not too pricey. They also offer combo deals with multiple slices and a fountain drink. Make sure to try out the Specialty Pizza Slice of the day!


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For a lot of people, college is the time to start hitting up the clubs. However, it is important for new club-goers to know the correct way to have fun. The first step is not going out on an empty stomach. Italian Gator Pizza is a small, walk-up pizza shop that is located in the heart of the night life: Midtown.

Italian Gator is a perfect Gainesville pizza location to bring friends before a night on the town. It offers cheap and affordable pizza by the slice, as well as large pizzas to share. The toppings list is sure to please you and all of your friends with its many options.

The walk-up styled restaurant allows for a quick and filling meal to start the night off right. It's a great last-minute option if eating dinner was the last thing on your mind while getting ready for your night on the town.. A slice of pizza from Italian Gator will save you from the horrible consequences of drinking without eating beforehand.

They also offer a delivery option for students who don't have a car, are too far to walk, or just want to relax at home in PJs while eating delicious pizza.


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No matter what type of pizza, atmosphere, or style you're looking for, Gainesville has it all. Whether it be study sessions, tinder dates, or lunch plans with a new friend, these four Gainesville pizza places will benefit any UF student's social life. So, what are you waiting for? Go find a new pal and go grab some pizza!