The midnight pizza famine is finally over. The beloved Italian Gator, better known as Pizza by the Slice, is officially back after reopening last week in Midtown. All your drunken dreams about ultra-greasy pizza are once again a reality.

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Shelby Cohron

New Look

This Gainesville pizza joint had temporarily closed earlier this year for expansion purposes, but owner Joel Mills is ready to be back in business. He says the restaurant has not only gone through renovations on the outside, but the inside has been redone as well. 

The entire building has been completely rebuilt, now including two service windows instead of one. The restaurant also has brand new ovens, which can fit twice as much pizza than it did before. So basically you can satisfy your desire for drunken pizza at midnight that much faster. 

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Shelby Cohron

The original purpose for the building renovation was to build a new bar, conveniently (or strategically) located right next to Italian Gator. The place will literally be sandwiched between two of Midtown’s major bars. Genius.

Same Pizza

Sounds too good to be true, right? Don’t worry, the pizza will be just as amazing as it was before. It's still made exactly the same way with the same ingredients, and of course, it's still sold by the slice. As an added bonus, they now offer specialty pizza both day and night. This scores major points in my book. The spinach pizza is to die for.

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Shelby Cohron

So now that Gainesville's favorite pizza is back, which restaurant will be next to reopen in Mid? I think we can all agree that it has to be the outdoor Dunkin' Donuts.