Whether you stayed out too late, are pulling an all-nighter, or you just can't sleep, sometimes you just gotta eat (no matter what time it is). Thankfully, a lot of restaurants stay open pretty late but only a select few are open 24 hours. Here are the 24-Hour restaurants near Florida State University.

1. Denny's

All hail Denny's for being open 24/7. It's called "America's Diner" for a reason. If you don't know, now you know: there's one on FSU's campus. You can get breakfast, lunch, or dinner at whatever time you want. That's amazing, to say the least. 

#SpoonTip: Their twitter account is funnier than you

2. Waffle House

I feel like a lot of memories are made here since there's one on literally every exit off of I-95. Conveniently, you can stop by the one located on Tennessee St. after all your late night shenanigans and make your own unforgettable (maybe forgettable?) memories.

3. McDonald's

Moon greets McDonald's

Blue MauMau on Flickr

Mickey D's is rarely reliable, but is always open. Whenever I actually go to McDonald's, it's either for their iced coffee (which is straight up crack) or an Oreo Mcflurry. I never end up getting my Mcflurry, EVER. Seriously, why is the ice cream machine ALWAYS broken? I need answers. Yes, I'm talking to you, Mcdonald's next to the Strip.


Half of these options are breakfast restaurants for an obvious reason: breakfast is good at any time of the day. Waffles are great at 5 am and so are pancakes, especially chocolate chip pancakes.

5. Whataburger

It's only acceptable to eat Whataburger if you have the drunchies or the munchies. If you eat here stone cold sober, you're either starving and don't have access to transportation or you're just plain crazy. I promise you can do better.

6. Steak 'n Shake

Steak N' Shake

Tim Psych on Flickr

A step up from McDonald's and especially Whataburger, Steak 'n Shake serves bomb shakes at all hours of the day. Pair that with the retro vibe and you've got yourself the perfect nostalgic 24-hour diner.

7. All Saints Cafe

AKA the local hipster coffee shop and a true Tally gem. They don't have a huge selection when it comes to food, but coffee 24/7? Yes, please. This place will be your saving grace during midterms and finals #trust.