The following bucket list is a list of Boston restaurants that I have been carefully cultivating through inordinate amounts of research. I have never been to any of these restaurants, but I have faith in myself that I'll make it to them all one day soon.

1. Tatte Bakery & Cafe

Emily King

I am ashamed to say that I have never been to Tatte and I have no excuses due to all its locations including Brookline, Boston and several in Cambridge. I have been seriously eyeing most of their baked goods including their chocolate and hazelnut twists, croissants and cinnamon rolls for quite a while. 

2. Tiger Mama

This hot new-ish restaurant located in Fenway brings modern Vietnamese food to Boston. As far as I can tell, the must haves here are the coconut milk french toast for dessert, the crispy chili potatoes, and the short rib. 

3. Saltie Girl

sauce, linguine, garlic, pasta, spaghetti
Simran Brar

Saltie Girl opened on June 1 this past summer so it is a relatively new addition to the trendy restaurants that can be found throughout Back Bay. Seafood lovers, this place is for you. Highlights include the snow crab and avocado toast, steak tartare, and the Saltie Girl burger, which is topped with pork belly, fried lobster, Gruyere and avocado. O.M.G. 

4. Carmelina's

Every time I go to the North End, I can never force myself to stray away from my usual spots. One day, however, I will make it to Carmelina's. When I finally go, catch me eating the Sunday macaroni (which comes with meatballs and whipped ricotta), linguine and clams, or the frutti di mare. 

5. Blunch

This place was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives with Guy Fieri so it must be pretty bomb. Blunch is a tiny little shop in the South End has quite the variety of paninis. I'd totally be down for The Bird (Sliced chicken breast, mozzarella cheese, oven roasted tomatoes, shop artichoke aioli, greens, crusty baguette), The Wilbur (Zoe's Smoked bacon, lettuces, tomato, aioli, VT cheddar cheese, on thick cut sour dough), or any of the egg sandwiches.

6. Bagelsaurus

chicken breast, turkey, lettuce, chicken, sandwich, avocado
Tori Weber

Should I transfer to Harvard just so I can have easier access to Bagelsaurus in Cambridge? Let me know. They have pretzel bagels, funky cream cheeses (like honey rosemary!), and housemade almond butter.

7. Porto

Seafood lovers unite, once again. Porto opened in Back Bay this past summer. A meal at Porto seems like a quick trip to the Mediterranean. If you can't actually go to the Amalfi Coast, Porto is probably the next best thing, right? The squid ink bucatini, whole fried black bass and lamb burger have all gotten rave reviews.

8. Shojo

I am a huge Asian fusion food fan and this place is a must-try for other Asian fusion fans like me.*Cue my mouth watering as I scroll through the menu* Wu-Tang tiger ribs? Yes. Kimchi fried rice? Absolutely. Chicken and waffles featuring an Asian twist? 100 percent.

9. North Street Grille

One of my roommates brought home chocolate chip pancakes from here the other day and as soon as I tasted them, North Street Grille made this oh-so-elite bucket list. Although I don't really see myself going to the North End for anything other than dinner and pasta, I am willing to make an exception for brunch at this place. 

Noteworthy foods include complimentary banana bread, the thickest, fluffiest of pancakes, and the North End omelet (lobster, chives, parmesan and truffle oil). That should be illegal.

10. The Salty Pig

I've been known to enjoy a charcuterie board or two in my day and The Salty Pig has quite the selection of meats and cheeses for you to put together your own board. I absolutely need the Bianca pizza (Local Clams, Potato, House Bacon, Green Onion, Béchamel), basically all the meats and cheeses, and the burrata app. 

11. The Cookie Monstah Truck

Ugh. If only I could park the Cookie Monstah truck in my driveway forever. You may see me one day chasing this truck down the streets of Boston in search for one of their cookie sandwiches or just plain cookies. Killer ice cream sandwich flavors include The Salty Dog (salted caramel cookies with vanilla ice cream, caramel, cashews and brownie) or The Classic (chocolate chunk cookies with vanilla ice cream). 

12. Babbo Pizzeria

Babbo is located in the very up-and-coming Seaport section of Boston, a very different scene that its original location in Greenwich Village, New York. This Mario Batali restaurant looks like it may actually be worth straying from the North End for bomb Italian food. 

Big hits include pretty much any of the pizzas, spaghetti carbonara, and the wide variety of assorted cheeses.  

13. Zinneken's Waffles

I don't know about you but I could go for a waffle just about any time of the day. Throw some ice cream, chocolate, and strawberries on it and I have never been more down.

Where to even start with this menu? The Oreo Freakin' Party with Oreos, raspberries and whipped cream sounds like a waffle created in my dreams. As does the Zinneken's (whipped cream, Belgian chocolate, speculoos) and who could pass up on a good old fashioned waffle with whipped cream?

14. MAST

I would totally leave the North End for one of these pizzas. The most popular pizzas include the Saporita (broccoli rabe, housemade sausage, olive oil, Parmigiano Reggiano) and the OMAST' (San Marzano tomatoes, Prosciutto, creamy ricotta and olive oil).

Save room for dessert here because MAST has a bomb dessert pizza (honey buttered pizza crust, warm Nutella, mascarpone cream cheese, walnuts and strawberries). If that pic above doesn't make your mouth water, I honestly don't know what can.

15. Committee Boston

I am a sucker for small plates and Committee does them well. Located near Babbo in the uber trendy Seaport of Boston, Committee would be an awesome place for a swanky birthday party or date night.

Count me in anywhere that has complimentary pita bread and dip. The flatbread topped with spiced lamb, Greek-style meatballs topped with tzatziki, and zucchini chips all tell me this place is definitely worth trying. Picky eaters should maybe take a rain check on this one.