Easy mac is about to have a whole new meaning on UD's campus with the arrival of Mac Mart. No more setting off smoke alarms trying to get your comfort food fix because this mac and cheesery is taking care of everything for you. Things are about to get cheesy and here's 13 reasons why you need to be excited about it. 

1. They're providing us with some classic, homemade mac & cheese.

The seven cheeses in this homemade mac and cheese sauce might as well replace the five food groups with how good they mix together. Mac Mart took out the grease that comes with other restaurant dishes and gave us a hearty meal that our own mom's will envy. 

2. Mac & cheese is just the beginning with their endless topping combinations.

If you want some tots, throw them on top of your mac. You've never had crab and cheese together, so why not give that a try. Feel a little healthy with some spinach in your mac, even if you're just fooling yourself. Top your toppings with more toppings because the possibilities are endless. 

3. Like Buffalo Chicken...

Buffalo chicken's glory days seemed to peak when someone threw it on a slice of pizza, but no one has seen the combo done this well until now. 

4. And Honey Sriarcha...

You don't even have to think of new things to try when Mac Mart's owners do it for you. With creations constantly being posted online, trust the pros and their cheesy expertise. 

5. You'll be able to top it all off at the Crunch Corner.

All of their macs have a crunch factor, enhancing that homemade feel, but the amazing aesthetics they have in store for this place includes a "crunch corner" for extra cheesy toppings. Add your favorites to any dish, like hot Cheetos or taco chips. 

6. You can find them right next to Grotto's.

Abby Dugan

Grab some mac to munch on while you wait on that infamous line, or save it for the end of the night. Either way, Mac Mart has everyone else beat when it comes to location. 

7. Which means a late night take out section...

With beginnings as a food truck, Mac Mart knows how to give people what they want on the go. When it gets to be the wee hours of the night, it's only inevitable that you'll fall asleep with mac in-hand after stopping for late night take out. 

8. And Delivery.

Mac doesn't have to come at the end of a crazy night out. It can come to you at any time you want it, even without leaving your apartment. 

9. Their takeout containers double as tupperware. 

Say goodbye to Ziplock bags or towel wrapped snacks. Stock your pantry with tupperware for life after a few runs to Mac Mart. The containers and mac work together to leave it tasting just as good hours later as it does fresh out of the mart. 

10. It's more than mac. 

As if their creamy mac wasn't filling enough, throw it between some grilled bread and you have yourself the next best thing. UD will have this option available to us, happily turning our freshman 15 into the freshman 50. 

11. Frosé

As if offering beer and wine wasn't enough, look out for a frozen rosé option to wash down your mac with. They know that you can't truly make it at UD without being a little trendy.

12. They're open to profit shares. 

The owners of mac mart are not new to the idea of making a difference through food. This means they'd like to learn more about UDance as well as other causes. I hope those exec boards are listening. 

13. Best of all, they'll be open Winter/Spring 2018!

Abby Dugan

While you might be prepared to sell your soul for just a taste of Mac Mart, you'll have to hold off until spring semester, or take a trip up to their Philly location in the meantime. The wait is sure to leave us all acting like mac and elbowing to be first in line for Mac Mart.