So, let’s talk coffee. In the past few years, Honduras has become the 7th largest coffee producer in the world - gaining special recognition worldwide. The coffee industry in Honduras has helped the country’s economy by providing jobs and, of course, an exquisite coffee for people all over the world to taste and enjoy. It is also one of the major exporting goods Honduras has to offer.

The coffee in Honduras is primarily grown in high altitude regions that give Honduran coffee a full-bodied taste and a sweet fragrance. You are not a Honduran if you don’t anxiously wait for the clock to strike 4 p.m. for the afternoon “cafecito con pan” (coffee with bread). This list of 13 of the best coffee shops in Tegucigalpa, Honduras knows how to make a fine cup of coffee to treat your caffeine cravings and show you the best of Honduran coffee.

1. Cafetano

La Taza De Excelencia 2016 (Cup of Excellence 2016), organized by the Honduras Institute of Coffee, ranked Cafetano as the 6th best coffee when it comes to the coffee’s grain, aroma, and consistency. Freshly toasted coffee right in the shop makes this original quality coffee made from scratch. If you’re curious, you can go ahead and see what the process is like and choose the type of brew you’d like. 

2. La Estancia

The smell of coffee beans being grounded lingers in the air as soon as you walk into this lovely coffee shop. The wooden tables and stone walls give this coffee shop a rural look and a colonial atmosphere that complements the gourmet coffee that is grown in the mountains of Honduras and freshly prepared daily in this café. 

3. Sigua Coffee

Good coffee at a good price is one of the many positive attributes Sigua Coffee has to offer. Sigua Coffee began in 2013 in a small town in Honduras called Siguatepeque. Since then, they have opened 7 shops in 3 cities across Honduras. Serving quality coffee grown in Siguatepeque, as well as a selection of pastries and desserts, perfectly complements the relaxed and cozy atmosphere of this coffee shop. 

4. Ristretto

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Lissane Kafie

If you’re looking for a trendy spot to treat your caffeine cravings, Ristretto offers a wide menu with flaky, buttery croissants to tempting desserts perfect for complementing your choice of coffee. And if you’re not into coffee, there’s always time and space for a glass of wine at Ristretto, making this one of the best coffee shops in Tegucigalpa. 

5. Copa Café

coffee, espresso, cappuccino, tea, milk
Lissane Kafie

Copa Café’s literal translation is “glass” and “cup.” Its slogan “ven por la taza, quédate por la copa” literally means “come for the cup, stay for the glass.” Its menu varies from a fine selection of wines to quality coffee. With breakfast served all day everyday, Copa Café is the perfect spot for brunch and mid-afternoon coffee or wine dates (or if you’re simply craving a good breakfast at 3 PM). Its very centric location and modern yet rustic ambience makes this place a top favorite within the best coffee shops in Tegucigalpa. 

6. Galeano Café

Galeano Café is a glance down memory lane of what living in Honduras was like before modernization. With a rustic flare, Galeano is decorated with vintage sewing machines, wooden tables, and old pottery. The coffee is a taste of Honduran coffee at its finest. Their menu offers a variety of panini, crepes, breakfasts, and desserts all named and inspired by certain Honduran expressions and slang. 

7. Bistro Doce 21

Café Bistro 21 is the perfect spot for happy hour or simply coffee with your friends. It is also the ideal place for an art exposé. Their menu has everything from pasta and burgers to wine and a spectacular flat white. For any lover of good food and coffee out there, this is the place for you. 

8. Espresso Americano

With over 180 company-owned shops in 25 cities in Honduras, Espresso Americano is committed to presenting customers with the best quality coffee in the nation. Serving specialty drinks such as their famous Granitas, Moccachino Supreme (their famous coffee Granita blended with Oreos and topped with whipped cream), and a diversity of pastry items. If that wasn’t enough, Espresso Americano has the catchiest song ever created. 

9. Coffeeholics

Twinkling lights aren’t only meant for Christmas. At Coffeeholics Espresso Bar, the twinkling lights light up the place, giving it an almost romantic aura. Great coffee characterizes this espresso bar, and they all have very original designs on them, as well as impeccable taste. Coffeeholics is also one of the few coffee shops that prepares super creative matcha drinks.  

10. Café Illy Honduras

Café Illy is a coffee franchise that present in over 140 countries, and is characterized by its gourmet and superior coffee quality. Recently, after just being part of other restaurants and shops, Café Illy opened its very own gourmet coffee shop in Tegucigalpa. You can go in and enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee and even take a little souvenir or bag of coffee home.  

11. DonCafé

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Lissane Kafie

The coffee at DonCafé has almost chocolaty hints of taste, and their cappuccinos are top notch. Baristas at DonCafé take the elaboration of every single cup of coffee in a serious manner. Plus, the relaxed environment of this coffee shop is perfect for a quick caffeine fix or for catching up with a friend. 

12. Café Nativo

If you are as in love with coffee as I am, I know for a fact that Café Nativo will hit the spot for you. It is an amazing place for relaxing and sipping on a quality cup of Honduran coffee, paired with alfajores. In addition, you can buy coffee by the bag as well as chocolate, and their edgy nitro cold brew adds to their uniqueness.  

13. Liquidambar

Liquidambar is the perfect getaway spot. The barista guides you through their selection of coffee, the process, and the preparation that they undergo to prepare a cup of coffee. The food they serve is divine and it’s also the ideal spot for couples to have a romantic date. Located in the outskirts of Tegucigalpa, Liquidambar is a fresh place to enjoy a cup of coffee (or two). 

Hopefully, after trying this list of the best coffee shops in Tegucigalpa, you will be able to identify Honduran coffee anywhere you go with just one sip. You will also be able to say you have tried one of the best coffees in the world, which, in my opinion, is something to brag about.