You’re sitting in a coffee shop with your friends and you take a sip of your drink. “Man,” you say to them, “I just love coffee from Honduras.” Your friends’ heads whip around, trying to find the spot on the menu that discloses the origin of the shop’s coffee. You smirk as they scan in vain.

You know your coffee has come from Honduras because you recognized the taste. But how? You have a subscription to Angels’ Cup, that’s how.


Photo by Emma Shellhamer

Introducing the coolest, most reasonably priced coffee subscription on the Internet (and trust me, I think I’ve scanned through every one of them). For just $7.99 per flight (a cooler way of saying “shipment”), you can experience coffee from all over the world each month for way less than a week’s worth of coffee from Starbucks.

But the price isn’t the only thing that sets this subscription apart from others on the web. It aims to train your tongue to really know the coffee you’re drinking.

When you use the Angels’ Cup app on the website (or on your phone), you set up a unique coffee tasting experience, which allows you to compare coffee notes with roasters and appreciate new flavors. The company’s hope is that over time you will be able to recognize a coffee’s origin with just a taste.

Literally the greatest coffee trick ever.


Photo by Emma Shellhamer

The ordering process is super simple, and you can customize your subscription according to your preferences. You have control over how often a flight is delivered (weekly, biweekly or monthly) and how the grounds are prepared (think beans vs. fine grind). Oh, and you get free shipping. *Cue happy dance*

Once your flight arrives, you receive four 1-oz. samples to try. It may not seem like a lot for the price, but remember, you’re paying for the experience and the knowledge, too. It’s four great cups of fresh, hand-selected coffee, but it’s also tongue training that will knock people’s socks off.

It’s basically made for college students: inexpensive, fun and full of caffeine. That’s the way I like it.

For more info, check out Angels’ Cup here.