Moving to State College can be intimidating for a new student. Not only is downtown quite big, but it has a lot to offer when it comes to restaurants.

The task of figuring out what to eat becomes a lot more daunting when you consider that some of State College's best eats actually come from restaurants not located downtown.

As someone who has now lived in State College for about two and a half years, I have been to quite a few restaurants and have begun compiling a list of the best of the best.

These are the 10 restaurants in State College that every freshman should try first semester. 

1. The Waffle Shop

The Waffle Shop is a State College classic and the first place I ate when my parents moved me in my freshman year. Yes, there is always a line down the block for their amazing breakfast, but trust me, it is worth it. I have never had a breakfast from The Waffle Shop that did not leave me full and happy. Definitely give their chocolate chip pancakes and bacon a try!

2. Bagel Crust

If you are looking for the closest thing to a New York style bagel then Bagel Crust is for you. Their bagels are the best I have tried in State College and they also offer delicious omelettes and deli sandwiches. There is honestly something for everyone at Bagel Crust - and come on, who does not like a good bagel?

3. The Naked Egg

The Naked Egg is located a little further from campus, but their breakfast is worth the drive. I recently gave this restaurant a try when my mom came to visit last semester and it exceeded all of my expectations. They offer an amazing coffee bar to accompany their breakfast options and I can honestly say that the trip off campus worth it.

4. Salud Juicery

This smoothie and acai bowl joint is new to State College and it has quickly become a crowd favorite. Salud is the first true juicery to come to State College and has definitely created some buzz around campus. Their smoothies and acai bowls have met everyone's expectations though. The healthy options offered at Salud Juicery are a great alternative for the student on-the-go.

5. Fiddlehead 

I have been going to Fiddlehead religiously since the first week of my freshman year. Although I always get the same exact salad, Fiddlehead can make a salad to accompany whatever you are in the mood for. This is because of the copious amount of toppings and dressings that they offer.

6. The Field Burger and Tap

It is safe to say that The Field is a Penn State students classic favorite restaurant. It is the one place that I go to in order to celebrate my birthday every year and I always make sure to take my parents when I visit. The Field is known for two things - burgers and fries. I can guarantee you that you are not going to get a better burger anywhere else and the table fries are always a big hit.

7. Kamrai

I discovered Kamrai last year and I have been going ever since. The sushi offered at this restaurant is unlike any sushi that I have gotten downtown and honestly rivals my favorite sushi from home. They have so many different rolls and of course, they offer the classics. I know that whenever I go to Kamrai that I am going to get an amazing meal.

8. Faccia Luna

Faccia Luna is easily the best pasta place I have tried since I began Penn State. Every time I have gone I have tried a different pasta dish and I have always been impressed. My personal favorite is their penne alla vodka. They also bring you pieces of garlic bread with every pasta dish you order which is always a plus!

9. Gumby's

Ask any Penn State student what their favorite late night food is and I guarantee you that they will say pokey sticks from Gumby's. Gumby's is quite famous for their pokey sticks and for all of you who don't know what a pokey stick is, think a pizza pie size cheesy bread that comes with your favorite dipping sauces. My personal favorite to pair with pokey sticks is ranch. Gumbys also serves other late night favorites such as wings and pizza.

10. DP Dough

My other favorite late night food option is DP Dough. DP Dough offers a wide variety calzones so you are bound to find your favorite. I personally like to order DP Dough and either pick it up or have it delivered since the lines tend to get a little long. 

Whatever restaurants you choose to try during the first semester of your freshman year you are bound to find some favorites. State College has so much to offer for students, especially when it comes to food.