If you've ever wondered what to get your Ranch dressing-loving (probably Midwestern) friend for the holidays, you're in luck. You can now get Hidden Valley Ranch merchandise, including a Ranch keg and a Ranch fountain. Seriously, your holiday parties are about to get wild. 

Where to Shop

You can get this classy merch online at Flavour Gallery, a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing products for food enthusiasts, including apparel and other gifts. In the past, they've created stuff for NYC hot spots 5 Napkin Burger and Schmakary's. But I'm pretty sure Hidden Valley Ranch is going to be their biggest hit, yet.  

The Merch

So yeah, according to Flavour Gallery's site, "It isn’t a party unless the Hidden Valley Ranch is flowin." You can get this 5-liter keg for $50 or the Ranch fountain, complete with a decorative Christmas skirt, for $110. Both include a year's supply of Ranch dressing and are available for purchase on Dec. 11.

Beyond these necessities, you can also get Hidden Valley Ranch apparel like t-shirts, an ugly Christmas sweater, slippers, socks, hats, phone cases, baby onesies, towels, greeting cards, and bags. Some of the tote bags read, "Pizza & Veggies & Wings & Fries & Hidden Valley Ranch," and basically outline my five main food groups. (JK, only on the weekends.) Most of these are available for purchase now, except for the more holiday-esque gifts.

So if you're a Hidden Valley Ranch freak, either get to ordering or add this to your Christmas list now. I'm tagging my parents in the comments section, stat.