With all of the amazing restaurants in Fairfield, it's hard to pick just 10, but these places hold a special place in every Stag's heart.

1. Firehouse Deli

Nothing cures the Sunday scaries better than a trip to Firehouse. Bonus points if you eat it at the beach!

2. Garden Catering

Three words: late night nugs. Actually, two more: potato cones.

3. Colony Grill

Whether you've grabbed a slice from the food truck when it was on campus or have gone on a Friday with friends, Colony is a staple for the Fairfield student.

4. Taco Loco

Either for Taco Tuesday or Thirsty Thursday, you really can't go wrong with Taco Loco, ever.

5. Molto

You're lying if you say you've never gotten dressed up with your friends and had a fancy date night at Molto.

6. Super Duper Weenie

Either found in the Quad, by the nursing building, or in front of Alumni Hall, we are super duper lucky to have this food truck throughout the year!

7. Milkcraft

It's the bubble cone for me.

8. Frank Pepe

With the birthplace of pizza in the United States right in New Haven, we've all tried to debunk the myth that Connecticut has the best pizza. We have no argument.

9. Flipside

Best burger and drinks in town, hands down.

10. Centro

For all those times when you crave Italian comfort food.