If you're a Fairfield Stag, you know that Garden Catering is all the rage. This chicken joint on Black Rock Turnpike is the place to go for wraps, chicken nuggets, and their famous mashed potato cones.

Spoon Fairfield goes way back with Garden Catering, and our most recent visit brought a finger-licking opportunity for students in the area. Garden Catering is currently holding a contest through May 7, and the prize is free chicken nuggets for a whole year. Read below to find out how you can skip the dining hall and become the most popular Stag on the quad.

The Delicious Details

So first things first, let's give a little context. Garden Catering is releasing not one, but two new sandwiches on May 1. These two sandwiches feature GC's classic, crispy fried chicken with different mouth-watering sauces. First up is the OG Chicken Sandwich!

According to Garden Catering's Instagram, this sandwich is a crispy chicken breast smothered in honey mustard sauce. Oh, and did we mention it's topped with pickles? Let's be real, there are two types of people: those who love pickles, and those who don't. Not a huge honey mustard fan? Looking for something with a little more kick? Don't worry, the OG Heat might be more up your alley.

This sandwich still features Garden Catering's crispy, white-meat chicken, but turns up the flavor with Nashville hot sauce, coleslaw, and of course, pickles. Not hungry enough for a whole sandwich? You're in luck! If you ask for "Nashville Nuggets" when you order, Garden Catering will give you their classic nuggets with the hot sauce from this sandwich.

So What's Up With Free Nuggs?

Okay, okay, now the real question: where do the free nuggets come into play? If you're social media savvy, you're pretty much halfway there. Garden Catering has set up a separate site (link in their Instagram bio) where you can enter their contest.

All you have to do is sign up with your name and email, and start earning points to count towards the contest. You can get points for tasks as simple as liking Garden Catering on Facebook, joining the restaurant's loyalty program, and referring other friends to the contest.

Are There Other Prizes?

The grand prize for the competitor with the most points in the contest wins free chicken nuggets for an entire year. This comes out to a $415 value! But is the contest still worth it if you don't come in first? In a word: duh.

Second prize winners get a free Boss Special ($16 value). This meal includes a pound of nuggets, extra fries, and two drinks. Definitely big enough to share with all of the friends you entered the contest with.

And, even if you only earn 120 points, you still get freebies from Garden Catering! If you earn 120 points through social media and referrals, you can get one of the restaurant's new sandwiches for free. You can be the first to say that you tried an OG or OG Heat. Oh, and you'll save $8.

Let's be honest, there's no reason not to enter this contest. What more could a college student want than having chicken nuggets at a moment's notice without paying a dime? Click the link on Garden Catering's Instagram to get your chance to enter. What the cluck are you waiting for?