On October 4th, 2019 it was National Taco Day and if you think I was eating anything other than exactly that, you’re wrong (aside from the churros that were had for dessert). This taco consumption is hugely (and solely) in part to the one and only Taco Loco located in Black Rock, CT. The small establishment with a big personality has an even bigger offering on its menu- where tacos are just the beginning; it's the Taco Loco drink deals that you didn't know you needed that debatably steal the show.

With the chips and guac, the tacos, the fried ice cream, and the churros, what more could one ask for? However, this article is a shoutout to the unsung heroes (in my humble opinion) sitting on the Taco Loco menu just waiting for someone to applaud them:

The drink deals.

The drink you pick for a meal may seem like the least important factor in the equation, however the drink you pick can truly make or break a meal. Drinks have an even BIGGER part in the meal process when the drinks are on SALE.

If you’re like me and can’t turn down a good bargain, then you won’t pass up the opportunity (shopportunity?) of ordering a mojito for the astounding price of $5 at Taco Loco. Save some rum for more- $5 Mojito Thursdays are not designed for you to stop at one drink. What’s even more beautiful is that Taco Loco does not limit you only to Thursdays to drop $10 on two mojitos- they have drink deals going from Tuesday-Friday, so you're set for the week. 

Let me now lay out your ideal Taco Loco schedule for next week revolving around the Taco Loco drink deals you didn't know you needed:

All Day Drink Specials:

Monday: Prepare liver for Tuesday-Friday drink deals, find $5 (or preferably more) in coins under your couch

Tuesday: 2 for 1 Herradura Frozen Margaritas (2 for $8)

Wednesday: $6 Mexican Bull Dog Margaritas & $3 Pacifico

Thursday: $5 Mojitos

Friday: $5 Altos Shots and Sangrias 

NOW it’s time to taco ‘bout (you’re lying to yourself if you thought I was going to go this whole article without using that pun) their Happy Hour deals:

Happy Hour Drinks:

$5 Herradura Frozen Margaritas

$3 Modelo and Tecate Beers

I mean, come on. 

Happy Hour Appetizers:

Chicken Quesadillas

Cheese Nachos

Chicken & Chorizo Empanadas (2)

Ground Beef Tacos (2)

Buffalo Wings (6)


Happy Hour is Tuesday to Friday from 3-6 PM. To top it all off: their Happy Hour appetizers are all $5. I’ll never be nacho(ver) it, personally. If you’re still trying to find a reason to justify Happy Hour at Taco Loco right now, I never seem to have a problem finding one. For starters: If you finished reading this article, congrats! You deserve a $5 mojito! 

So: even though National Taco Day has passed, there’s no need to worry - there are only 8 months until Cinco de Mayo, and there are zero months standing between you and $5 mojito night right now.