Sweetist is a NYC delivery service whose aim is to make your life sweeter by delivering desserts straight to your door (with a small fee, of course). From pies to cookies to cakes, they deliver all these goodies from NYC's best bakeries. So the next time you are in the mood for something sweet and don't want to leave home, you can choose from one on these NYC bakeries that Sweetist offers.  

1. Magnolia Bakery

From their classic banana pudding to their red velvet cupcake, Magnolia Bakery has it all. If that doesn't already sound tempting, imagine having it delivered to you with a little help from a service called Sweetist. 

2. Levain Bakery

Levain Bakery has the most gooey and delectable cookies in the city. I personally recommend the chocolate chip walnut, but they also have other options that are nearly as good such as dark chocolate chocolate chip and dark chocolate peanut butter chip.

3. Sweet Corner Bakeshop

Shimal Bharadwaj

Sweet Corner Bakeshop has a number of cookies to choose from, but sometimes deciding can be extremely hard. This is where Sweetist comes in with their own selection that ranges from sea salt chocolate chip and red velvet Nutella. To make it a real treat, add some pound cake to your order. 

4. Dough Donuts

Don't say no to Dough Donuts, because they are simply too hard to resist. From the cream-filled Nutella to a classic cinnamon sugar, they all just get better with each bite you take. 

5. Mille-Feuille Bakery 

Mille-Feuille Bakery is a gourmet Pâtisserie français in NYC. It serves the most exquisite macarons, buttery croissants, and mille-feuilles. Why not get these macrons to your door and act like Blair Waldorf by enjoying a pistachio macaron in your bathtub?  

6. The Doughnut Project

The Doughnut Project has a large variety of trendy and unique doughnuts. Be bold by having an olive oil black pepper doughnut, get fancy with a lemon sea salt doughnut, or keep it simple with a vanilla glaze. 

7. Lady M 

Lady M is an upscale cake boutique in NYC that has a range of signature mille crêpes. The next time you are throwing a party for your squad, order one of their green tea or classic mille crêpes from Sweetist

8. ChikaLicious Dessert Bar

ChikaLicious Dessert Bar has some of the most delicious and imaginative desserts in NYC. The ones that really stand out are flaky Ferrero Rocher Nutella and creme brûlée Dough'ssant. 

9. Little Pie Company

If you're craving some pie,  Little Pie Company is just the place for you. Sour cream apple walnut, salted caramel apple pie, or southern pecan pie can all be delivered to your doorstep for you to indulge in. 

10. Billy's Bakery

Billy's Bakery has a number of homemade cupcakes, cookies, and cakes that you can order. The most popular is their carrot cake with cream cheese frosting prepared with cinnamon batter, carrots, coconut, pineapple, and pecans. It's one of a kind, indeed. 

Whether you're having a party or just want some sweets for your night in, Sweetist is the way to go. It will deliver these goodies straight to your door. 

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A huge thank you to Sweetist for letting me try their service free of charge. All opinions are 100% honest and are my own.