When you are tried of being cooped up in the library or your room a coffee shops sounds like the best place to work. Unlimited coffee options, sweet goodies and some salty snacks sounds like a dream. So, the next time you need your daily dose of caffeine to help you get through finals this list of the best coffee shops to do work in NYC should come in handy.

1. Mille-Feuille Bakery 

coffee, milk, cream, cappuccino, espresso, chocolate, sweet
Liz Margaretha

Mille-Feuille Bakery is an authentic Pâtisserie français in NYC. It's macaroons are smooth and creamy while coffee is refreshing and flavorful. Thus, the combination of a flaky pastry and a cup of joe makes it the ideal place to study. 

2. Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pain Quotidien has multiple spots in the city with fast wifi , numerous seats and a large menu full of sweet and savory options to choose from I guarantee you this place will help you get through your mid-terms.

#SpoonTip : There coffee is a must do as they source their beans from Peru.

3. Joe Coffee Company 

Get you good ol' morning cup of joe at Joe Coffee Company while cramming last minute for your test that you are really dreading. Toss in a blueberry muffin with oat streusel  too for a divine treat? 

4. Bluestone Lane 

lemon, cream
Shimal Bharadwaj

Bluestone Lane is the perfect spot to hold a group study session. Going though those notes while biting into a crunchy avocado toast and sipping on special lattes (turmeric, beet) is a combination nobody can beet. 

5. Blank Slate Coffee + Kitchen 

Get cracking on those essays that have been piling up at 

Blank Slate Coffee + Kitchen. This place has slight background music, multiple gourmet snacks and of course coffee galore. 

#SpoonTip : The truffle popcorn is a must do. 

6. Madman Espresso 

Since,  Madman Espresso is small it will make you feel like you are doing work in your living room. With an added benefit of an abundance of strong coffee.

7. Union Fare Bakery

When you are in the mood for a variety for cream filled croissants with a cup of tea Union Square Bakery is where, you should be. The spacious location allows you to sprawl your books while tackling those problems sets that you really hate. 

8. La Colombe Coffee 

La Colombe is a coffee sensation that has got New Yorkers addicted to caffeine. It has a huge selection of coffee drinks that will keep you on your toes while you are working. Thus, making it one of the best coffee shops to do work in NYC. 

SpoonTip : The coffee art is Instagram worthy. 

9. Third Rail Coffee 

Third Rail Coffee is a quaint coffee shop that is seriously, off the rail. It's coffee options include macchiato, cappuccino, latte and more. It also serves doughnuts from the Doughnut Plant that you do not want to say no to. 

So, the next you really need to do work but can't decide where, check out some of these coffee shops in NYC. I am certain you will succeed.