Every person has their "thing." For some, a nice candlelit dinner will set the mood and do the trick. Of course, you can never go wrong with dressing up to the nines and going to a fancy cocktail bar to inspire some love. For me, I am just a sucker for long, beautiful hair. (What can I say? I grew up during the mid-'00s Warped Tour era.) When it comes to sexy scenes in movies and TV, audiences aren't raving about the latest HBO TV show like normal. Currently, adult audience members are leaving theaters turned-on from one Wonka scene: Timothée Chalamet's Willy Wonka dripping in chocolate.

What does the scene look like?

There are plenty of sexy movies in theaters. After all, you have Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi starring in Saltburn and Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell in new rom-com Anyone But You. So, I was floored, but happily surprised when TikTokers started posting a Wonka clip. 

Of course, Chalamet has gotten the thirst edit treatment on TikTok. Plot context is simply not important. 

Viewers even shared some low-key horny videos that are too real for words. I mean, we're basically screaming at the moment, too. 

Even though you can scroll for hours on TikTok while looking at videos thirsting over the "dripping in chocolate" scene, users are thirsting over various scenes in the movie where Chalamet is just being his handsome self. I mean, have you seen him in that hat? Plus, for the film, Chalamet did get to swim in actual warm chocolate, and this is just further proof that chocolate is an aphrodisiac. 

Basically, I hope he forgives all of us for making memes when the Wonka trailer first came out because we have seen the light.

If anyone is lucky enough to go on a nice date with Chalamet, we do know he's a big Trader Joe's fan just like the rest of us.