Merch from food brands is putting TikTok in a frenzy, even more than the release of Emma Chamberlain's canned coffees (now you know it’s serious). From Kate Spade’s 3D Pizza Box bag, with Parmesan and pepper shaker charms to Miller Lite’s 80s-inspired apparel line, a wearable item that shows your love for a food brand is rapidly becoming a pinnacle of Gen Z self-expression. Let’s face it, streetwear is having a moment — even Aldi released a line of very fashionable merch. And these laid back luxury items perfectly vibe with that aesthetic without setting your bank account on fire. The latest addition to this trend? Costco merch.

Costco has merch?!

This February, in answer to all the wishes I made after throwing coins into sacred Italian fountains, Costco changed the course of human history and released its own merch. Finally, you can wear a Costco sweatshirt to classes, acting as both an eye-catching fashionista and representative of the brand that’s allowed you to buy pizza rolls in bulk for years. Although you can wear these fits while chilling in the comfort of your bedroom, they’re versatile. As I will prove in a few weeks at prom.

What Costco merch is available?

For just $22, you can buy yourself a Costco crewneck sweatshirt. You have a choice between two options. There’s a gray sweatshirt, covered in dozens of reproductions of the Costco logo, and there’s a black sweatshirt with just one Costco logo emblazoned on the front right corner of the sweatshirt. Buy both if you’re as indecisive and financially responsible as I am (these babies are gonna sell like hotcakes on eBay in a couple of years).

Sizes range from Men’s X-Small/Women’s Small to Men’s XX-Large/Women’s XXX-Large, so don’t worry about finding the perfect fit.

These sweatshirts have glorious reviews online, with one reviewer writing, “I’ve truly never found an article of clothing that represents my internal existence better than this sweatshirt.” The sweatshirts are super soft, so be prepared for some soul-affirming comfort.