Everybody’s got their favorite grocery store. Some love Trader Joe’s for its frozen aisle, others are obsessed with the subs at Publix. But lots of people have a deep passion for ALDI. They love the coin slot carts, the surprising home goods aisle, and the unbeatable snack section. Well, if that’s you, you can now show your love for the grocery store chain through ALDI's clothing line.

That’s right, the grocery store chain is now a one-stop shop for groceries and fashion. In March, the ALDI gear line made its debut with casual, subtle, and shockingly trendy pieces. It had it all, from tracksuits and bucket hats to belt bags and tumblers.

Photo provided by Aldi

After selling out its first line in mere days, ALDI announced a new set of fashion items that will be hitting store shelves on September 20. Of course, there are plenty of items for those getting their fall and winter wardrobes in check. 

Photo via ALDI

For those looking to get cozy, three options of color-block pullover hoodies will be available for $12.99. Then, for the student on the go, ALDI is sharing three tote backpacks in the style of a Fjällräven Kånken for $9.99 each. Pair these pieces with the new ALDI striped beanie for $3.99 and some $8.99 canvas slip-ons in the style of Vans for the ultimate fit. Of course, don't forget your ALDI travel mug for $6.99. Stanley, who?

It's likely that die-hard ALDI fans will be lined up to secure their swag, including the new pajama set for $9.99, so plan accordingly if you're looking to get some fall gear

Here were the reactions to the first merch line

The complete set looks like something a cool soccer player would lounge around in after practice. The pants and belt bag come in a rich navy, the three-quarter button sweatshirt, hat, socks, and slides come in a vibrant blue, the tumbler comes in white, and the sweatshirt comes in gray. But what they all have in common is Aldi’s iconic navy-red-orange-yellow stripe featured somewhere on the product.

Every item in the first line was under $10. So you could deck out in head-to-toe ALDI pride for just $40. 

ALDI is the latest brand to join the food merch trend. Lots of fast food places have been putting out chic merch as promotional materials. Restaurants from IHOP and Taco Bell to McDonalds and Burger King have entered the merch game.