I've recently started going to Aldi in the past years, especially after studying abroad in Europe. I visited Germany a few times and saw the wonderful motherland grocery store that is Aldi. Walking through Germany, I saw Aldi branches all over the place and figured it would not be a disappointment. I will admit, I used to never shop at Aldi, but now every time I leave as a highly satisfied customer. The incredibly low prices, pleasing store layout, and helpful employees make a trip there worth it every time.

1. The phenomenal prices

Living a healthy lifestyle can be troublesome, and often pricey. Thankfully, Aldi is a place that allows you to have a healthy lifestyle without breaking bank. Everything is affordable, especially for college students.

2. The amazing produce selection

Aldi is my go-to place for produce. As I just mentioned, the prices are just crazy affordable, and the produce is always fresh. A few of my personal favorites include their avocados, cilantro, bananas, Roma tomatoes, Brussel sprouts, and raspberries. 

3. The expansion of their organic product lines

This past January, Aldi decided to do away with all the pesticides and start to transition into a fully organic. It's now a front-runner again Whole Foods. Yes, you can be bougie and go to Whole Foods with a few items and a few bucks left in your bank. But bless up for another grocery that offers a wide range of organic products at a lower price.

4. They are mindful of dietary issues

Finding a place with a decent selection of snacks for those who have dietary restrictions such as gluten intolerance and lactose intolerance can be hard. Fortunately for us, Aldi has a pretty amazing array of foods for individuals with food sensitivities and allergies. 

5. Downright tasty and healthy foods

Eating healthy can make you sad after a while with the trendy alternatives to substitute the real deal. Aldi has snacks that are actually healthy and don't taste nasty. Just because the prices are REALLY cheap, doesn't mean the quality is as well. 

It seems silly to me people would stereotype Aldi as a place where poor people shop. News flash: you don't need to spend more if you don't have to! Aldi is the ideal place for college students to grocery shop, as you can get it all on a budget. After all, we're snacking constantly, so why not replace the fast food with food that's good for us?