If you have a Stanley cup collection, you've likely purchased at least one accessory to go along with them. Of course, you can opt for a protective boot on the base, there are myriad reusable straws to choose from, and there are even water bottle-sized tote bags. Though, you can't forget about the decorative lid tops, straw toppers, and even personalized charms. If you have a super nice partner, they may even 3D-print you a Stanley lip balm holder handle. While it's both adorable and often functional to have these tumbler additions in your busy life, don't forget to take care of the inside, too. (And while I am not referring to giving your cup a deep clean, you should still definitely do that if you haven't in a while.) Recently, TikTokers have been raving about stackable ice molds that fit perfectly inside their Stanley and maintain cold drinks perfectly. Here's what to know about the TikTok viral Stanley ice molds.

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What do the Stanley ice molds look like?

Why settle for refrigerator door ice that gets in the way of your straw when you can go for some tumbler-friendly ice? Currently available on Amazon, this ice system comes in three distinct cylinder sizes, labeled "1st" for the smallest round, "2nd" for the medium size, and "3rd" for the final large piece at the top. The smallest piece lies comfortably in the bottom of your tumbler and each cylinder grows to fit the size of the cup, leaving ample straw room throughout the entire middle. Check it out in action via TikTok user @treslynroberts

According to the Amazon listing, these cylinders are compatible with 20-ounce, 30-ounce, and 40-ounce tumblers. 

Most variations of the product retail for $16.99 on Amazon.