About five years ago, I was expelled from society for eating macaroni and cheese with chocolate sauce. Okay, maybe not expelled from society, but people gave me some pretty judgemental stares. Thankfully, the age of shunning cheese and chocolate lovers is over, but only for a limited time. Enjoy the freedom while it lasts folks, because soon you’ll have a one-way ticket back to shame-city. The cheese brand most known for its shell mac and cheese now has Velveeta Chocolates.

What are Velveeta Chocolates? What do Velveeta Chocolates taste like?

Velveeta is a fan of crossover promotions, creating a cheese-scented nail polish collab with Nails.INC and the infamous “Veltini” with BLT Restaurant Group (the Veltini was a dirty martini with notes of cheese). And now, Velveeta and Compartés (a famous, fancy chocolatier) have collabed on a line of cheesy truffles. The truffles, designed by Jonathan Grahm, have a white chocolate shell that’s shaped like a macaroni noodle with a liquid cheese filling. You’ll taste more of the Velveeta than chocolate when indulging in this sugary luxury treat, so you better be a fan of Velveeta.

Where can I buy Velveeta Chocolates?

Each box of TruffVels is $24.95, meaning that each piece clocks in at $4.99. You can purchase a box on the Compartés website. Compartés labels TruffVels as “the first-ever cheese truffle.” However, my grandma used to make a mean cheese ball for Super Bowl Sunday, so I’d take their statement with a grain of salt.

How can I make Velveeta Chocolates at home?

Velveeta Fudge, straight out of 1984 (the year, not the book), is the perfect budget-friendly option. However, I would not share with your doctor or insurance company that you have eaten Velveeta Fudge.

To make Velveeta Fudge, start with a heavy pan on low heat, and add two sticks of butter, half a pound of Velveeta, half a cup of cocoa powder, and two pounds of powdered sugar. After mixing the concoction into a brownie batter-like consistency, turn off the heat and add some vanilla extract. After you’ve poured this offense to your arteries into a buttered glass pan, place the pan in the fridge for several hours. Once the fudge solidifies, slice and serve. For more hilarious instructions, watch the how-to video created by TikToker B. Dylan Hollis.