Do you ever feel like your food just isn’t Halloween-y enough? Do you crave spooky snacks that aren’t all sweets? Tyson has just the thing for you. Coming back again for the Halloween season are Tyson Spooky Chicken Nuggets.

Coming in with the childlike whimsy of dino nuggets, the standard chicken nuggets are precooked and breaded and come in three different shapes — a ghost, a bat, and a pumpkin. The nuggets originally launched in 2022 and are made with 100% white chicken meat with no antibiotics, as Tyson promises with its products.

These Spooky Nuggets are the perfect choice for a Halloween marathon where you eat nothing but Halloween-themed foods all day. Does anyone do that? True Halloween fans would. The nuggets are already a big topic on TikTok, with lots of users posting videos of themselves excitedly exclaiming that they found the nuggets, as if they are a hidden cryptid.

Photo via Walmart

Maybe go ahead and try doubling down on the Halloween theme by dunking your nugs in a Bloody Mary sauce, or this deviled egg dip. Maybe while summoning Bloody Mary or the Devil. 

Where can I get the Tyson Spooky Nuggets?

The Spooky Nuggets originally went on sale at the beginning of September in locations such as Walmart, Publix, Kroger, and others.Different Walmart accounts on Facebook have been proudly announcing the arrival of the nuggets, so keep an eye out to see if they are anywhere near you.They are limited-edition, and there hasn’t been a date released for when they’ll stop selling, so get them while you can!