I love spooky season! Once October hits you know it’s time to start plotting for all the fun holidays coming up in the fall, one being HALLOWEEN! Now while there are many candies available and commercial products you can buy, it’s really fun to make some of your own spooky treats. Whether for a (social distanced) Halloween bash, to hand out to friends, or just to enjoy yourself, you’ll love these spooky treats prefect for All Hallow’s Day. 

Mushroom Cupcakes

Take any cupcake recipe you like and decorate the tops using red fondant or frosting and use inverted white chocolate chips for the spots. You can make other fun colors and shapes, maybe add some grass with some green frosting, and enjoy! For a seasonal cake, try this pumpkin molasses cupcake recipe. 

Haunted Vegetables

Get you knife out and carve into some yummy vegetables! Brain grapes with frosting, carved peppers, scared  cucumbers, and spider web pretzels are just some of the options you can create!

Poison Carmel Apples

Get your activated charcoal out and pop some into a classic Carmel apple mix to make these dark desserts! Be wary with how much charcoal you use though, because ironically enough it is poisonous to humans in large amounts. If you concerned, try food dye instead. 

Harvest Snack Mix

Throw all of your favorites together in this snack mix! PIcture above is Chex mix, candy corn, mini sugar pumpkins, and rollos, but you can use whatever festive candy you have on hand to make this snack attack!

Witches Hat Cookies

Make these classic peanut butter kiss cookies and add some extra cocoa powder (about 4-6 tablespoons) to the batter to make some chocolate kiss cookies that resemble the classic witches’ hat we all know and love. 

Make your favorite truffles and coat liberally with melted chocolate (white or black) and let pool as it dries. Try pumpkin truffles, dark chocolate, or whatever kind you want! Vegan? Try these truffles! Add candy or icing eyes or even faces to these adorable spooky truffles. 

Tarot Card Cookies

Get out your fondant and decorate the hell out of these cookies! Use a basic shortbread recipe like this classic or spice it up with some fun flavors like chai, pumpkin spice, or lavender. Frost using royal icing, with any color you desire. If you eat your fortune will it come true?